Hello! I’m Katie, wife to Adam and mom to Charlee. We live in a small suburban town with our two dogs, Thor and Leia.

About The Blog

Here you will find ways to live a more simple, and less hectic life. I believe natural living, a minimalist approach, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ can bring you all the peace you need.  I strongly believe this life is busy and that we are often the cause of our own stress. Toxins in our lives come in many forms, harsh chemicals, clutter in our homes, and negative out looks. Let’s get rid of those toxins in our lives and live a more simple life.

About Me

There is a lot I could say about myself, but that is not what this blog is for. This blog is for you! I’m here to help you and encourage you in any way I can. If for some reason I seem interesting to you you can follow me on Instagram. On Instagram, I share a lot more natural living tips, being frugal, and living a simple life. Plus, you get a general peak into my life.