10 Tips To Decorate A Minimalist Home

If you’ve ever scrolled through Pinterest, looking at beautifully decorated and designed homes, you will notice something that they all have in common. They all have minimal decor. 


Today’s post is a guest post, written by Mansi from simpleinspiredblog.com. 


Mansi is going to share with you some tips for how to decorate using a minimalist mindset. Keeping your home beautiful and clutter-free. 


I know you are going to love her tips!


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How And Why To Decorate Minimally 

by Mansi from simpleinspiredblog.com


While looking at minimalist homes have you ever thought – what is it that appeals to you? What exactly do you like in these homes? How to do you feel looking at them? Why do you wish to own a similar home yourself? More significantly, what does a minimalist home means to you?


I know that sounds like too many questions, maybe it is, but you know what, those are crucial for you to savor the true essence of a minimalist home.


Before we dive deeper into the decor part. Let me shed some light on how having a minimalist home can benefit you:


Increase productivity:


Your mind is overstimulated by the amount of stuff surrounding you. Causing an inability to focus and concentrate. This is how clutter leads to stress. But when your living place is uncluttered and organized, you sense control over things. Which enables you to take charge of your work more productively.



Value money and possessions:



When you own less stuff, you develop a caring approach towards the fewer belongings that you have. Also, to avoid cluttering your home again, you become attentive to the purchases. Both ways are a win-win for your savings account.



Welcoming an unplanned company is easier:



With minimal belongings, picking and straightening up is easier. Clear floors and surfaces give the illusion of a cleaner home. Thus, a quick round of general tidying should be enough to welcome a surprise visit.


Less cleaning and maintenance:



The less stuff to move back and forth at the time of cleaning, the faster it gets done. Plus, there is a small number of items to dust & clean.


Mornings are more peaceful:



Since you own less stuff, you can designate a suitable place for all your belongings. In that way you know where each and every item is kept, helping you access things more easily on a busy day.


Convenient at the time of moving:


Does your job require switching locations frequently? Packing and moving are painless with minimum possessions.


Better for the environment:



The production, as well as the elimination of physical objects, affect our environment. By choosing items consciously, you contribute to lower consequences on the environment.


Now let’s take a look at how to decorate a minimalist home.


Prior to this, I would suggest creating a home decor inspiration board on Pinterest and save the decor pictures that you would want for your home.


That way, you’ll have pictures on your phone while shopping, for when you want to go back for easy reference. 


10 Tips For Decorating Minimalist Home




This might seem like an obvious one. But declutter all the broken, unused, outdated, unwanted stuff ruthlessly to start with a clean slate. Decluttering is the beginner step for building a clutter-free minimalist home. Never mind about the money spent on the items because either is has fulfilled its purpose or it’s not worth your time and energy.




One way to give your home a minimalist vibe is by adding a wash of lighter/pastel color. Choose a color scheme from your decor inspiration pictures. Offwhite, Ivory, grey are great to create a softer and relaxing ambiance.




Instead of keeping the color monotonous, try to color-coordinate the textures and finishes of cabinets, furniture, wall decors, minor decor items, etc., to uplift the feel. Silver finishes go really well with white paint.




Sunlight and indoor lights are important to bring out (enhance) the features of your place. Lights visually enlarge the look of open, airy spaces.




Aim for furniture pieces that’ll not only maximize usage but also save space. A floating nightstand, mirror with vanity storage, desk combined with bookshelf, dresser+bookcase, to name a few.




The rule of odds works great not merely in photographs but in real life as well. Especially, number 3. Number 3 has this magical impact when it comes to decorating. So, try placing only 3 decor items on a dresser, coffee table, bedside table, etc., and let me know if you like the results.




Use lots of natural houseplants for a touch of positivity and serenity into your home. It is one of the inexpensive decor items which will add liveliness to your place.




If you observe the minimalist decor pictures, you’ll see clear surfaces and countertops. This is very important for a neat and aesthetically appealing look. Once you’ve decluttered and given everything a place, try to store them inside the cabinets and drawers to prevent petty knick-knacks.




Aqua, turquoise, teal colors represent the color of the ocean. There is something about these colors that has a soothing effect on the mind. They team up well with white and gray color families. In fact, they make for great accent colors. A little splash of this color will take your home decor to the next level.




Last but not least. Decorating a minimalist home doesn’t mean buying cheap, thrifty items. You can certainly buy some statement pieces to bring in luxury. The idea behind a minimalist decor is narrowing down the decor items for an elegant and sophisticated look.


Bonus Tips:


a) To truly indulge in the beauty of minimalistic decor, apply the same styling tips to every room to find the same rhythm as each room.


b) Keep your home smelling fresh and don’t forget to add some personal touch to give your house a homey feel.


Final Words:


You see, consumerism is a catch. You’re never going to have enough. There will be something trending every time. It is up to you to be vigilant.


Would you like to share your tips? I would love to have your thoughts in the comment box below. Thank you so much for reading!


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