12 Items I Buy In Bulk (To Save Money)

Buy In Bulk To Save Money


We transitioned to a one income family and cut our income in half when my daughter was 1 and a half years old. The decision to have me stay at home with my daughter was an easy decision.


The decisions that had to be made about where to cut back in the budget was not as easy.


We have always bought items in bulk from Sam’s Club. As a one-income family, we continue to buy in bulk to save us money.


Paying for a cheaper price per until saves us money in the long run and keeps us from spending money on emergency trips to the grocery store.


We once went to Sam’s Club and filled our cart with things we needed and some things we thought would just be cool to have.


You can really buy just about anything in bulk, but if you did that you might break the bank. This is why we just stick to these 12 main items.


The 12 things I buy in bulk from Sam's Club to save money as a one income family. #buyinbulk #budgettips #savemoney #savingmoneytips

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Here are the 12 Things We Buy In Bulk To Save Money


#1 Toilet Paper


With most of these items, I buy the Members Mark brand from Sam’s Club. It is a GREAT brand. The toilet paper is awesome. No need to try and save money by buying paper thin toilet paper that you would find in the gas station bathroom.


#2 Paper Towels


Same goes for the paper towels… Members Mark.


Great quality paper towels. Just as good as any high-end paper towel you get from the grocery store. Plus they tear off into the half sized sheets, which to me is the only way to properly make paper towels.


#3 Dishwasher Tabs


Yep, you guessed it… Members Mark from Sam’s Club.


Just like all of the other products I have listed, I have compared prices with many other stores and brands.


These are definitely the cheapest out there and they really get the job done.


When I mean I have compared prices, I mean I have compared the price per dishwasher tab. That is how you know you are saving money in the long run.


Buy in bulk to save money because things are cheaper per unit.


#4 Laundry Detergent Tabs


This is one item that I do not buy the Sam’s Club brand. I buy All Free and Clear; Mighty Packs. I buy this because my husband and daughter have sensitive skin.


These laundry pods are 13 cents a pod. You can buy them in bulk, on Amazon for 14 cents a pod.


#5 Diapers


When my daughter was in diapers we bought her diapers in bulk. Again, I bought the Members Mark brand from Sam’s Club.


I know some people may question the quality of a diaper like this, but I really liked them. They didn’t leak and had a wetness indicator.


There was a time or two before we got a membership that I bought Pampers off of Amazon. This proved to be a good deal as well.


#6  Baby Wipes


Nothing different here… we bought the Members Mark diaper wipes as well. I loved these and used them for everything.


#7 Dog Food


I am really picky about dog food. I believe in spending the extra money on good quality dog food. It helps with the overall health of your dog.


Plus, we have one with a really sensitive stomach and buying better quality food is totally worth it.


However, we have two large dogs and spending 100 dollars or more a month, on dog food, was starting to really hurt us.


Then I looked at the label on the Members Mark dog food package and was shocked. The first ingredient is real meat and it is really a great quality dog food.


You can get the chicken flavor for $30 for a 35-pound bag. That is an amazing deal. Plus, my dogs love it.


#8 Organic Apple Sauce Pouches


With a baby, who is now a toddler, we were constantly buying applesauce or food in a squeezable pouch. I’m constantly worried about the ingredients in my kid’s food so I was happy to find that Sam’s Club sold Organic applesauce pouches.


This means I didn’t have to worry about any extra sugar or corn syrup.


My toddler doesn’t enjoy these pouches as much as she once did so we haven’t been buying them as much. When we first started buying them we bought the GoGo Squeeze brand.


Since we have cut back on applesauce, Sam’s Club now has their own Organic applesauce pouches. We haven’t tried these, but I’m betting they are pretty good.


#9 Trash Bags


Again, no surprise, Members Mark all the way. I remember a time when I thought I was saving money by buying the Great Value brand of trash bags from Walmart.


Those were the worst trash bags ever. They tore all of the time and the ties were always tearing apart from the bag.


The Members Mark trash bags are awesome. Very durable and stretchy.


#10 Chicken Breast


Chicken is a cheap meat so I get a bunch of fresh chicken breast, split it up and put in the freezer. If I don’t buy it from Sam’s Club I will buy it from Aldi. The prices are pretty much the same.


#11 Gallon Freezer Bags


Since I am always storing chicken breast in the freezer, I use a lot of gallon freezer bags. I get the Ziplock brand from Sam’s Club. Again it’s cheaper per Ziplock to buy them in bulk.


#12 Emergen – C


I take Emergen-C almost every day. It helps support my immune system and is a great natural remedy to my allergies.


I use to buy Emergen-C at Walmart. It was 10 dollars for a 30 pack. Then I found it that it is A LOT cheaper to buy in bulk.


You can get 90 packets at Sam’s Club for 20 dollars. That is a much better deal than Walmart.


You can also get a box of 60 for 16 dollars on Amazon.


Buy In Bulk To Save Money In The Long Run


I hope these tips to buy in bulk to save money, helps your family in some way.


Remember you do have to plan for buying in bulk if you are on a budget. One thing that has worked for us, is we wait until my husband receives a bonus and we use a small part of that to stock up. This way we don’t have to include any of these 11 items in our regular grocery budget.


Also, I realize I sound like a Sam’s Club commercial. I really do love their brand and am such a fan or their products. I’ve honestly never shopped at Costco, but I believe you can get similar quality and prices there.


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The 12 things I buy in bulk from Sam's Club to save money as a one income family. #buyinbulk #budgettips #savemoney #savingmoneytips




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