9 Kitchen Organization Ideas For Your FarmHouse Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home and seem to be the drop zone for all of our clutter. These kitchen organization ideas for your farmhouse kitchen will help you keep your kitchen clear of clutter, cleaned up, and organized. 


I found these kitchen organization products for your rustic farmhouse kitchen and they are too good not to share.


First, I am going to share the number one way to keep your kitchen organized. Then, I am going to share 9 stylish ways to organize your kitchen so you can enjoy your space even more. 


The Number One Way To Keep Your Kitchen Organized


The best way to have an organized kitchen is to have a minimalist kitchen. It doesn’t need to be extreme, but taking the time to evaluate each item in your kitchen and asking yourself if you really need it, will make a world of difference in how organized your kitchen is. 


Start by going through every drawer and cabinet. Take everything out and ask yourself, “love it or leave it?”


If you love it and honestly use it, then keep it. If you don’t use it, for whatever reason, throw it out or donate it. 


A clutter-free kitchen is guaranteed to have you picking up less. You will love your new found space. For more details on how to achieve a clutter-free kitchen, read my blog post, Kitchen Declutter | Steps For A Minimalist Kitchen


If you are interested in decluttering your whole house, read my ebook, Declutter Your Whole House In Your Own Time. 


Once you have decluttered your kitchen you can take the time and money to organize what you have left. Remember that you never need to have Pinterest worthy organization. Keep it simple and practical. Do what works best for you. 


I use empty ramen noddle boxes and mason jars to organize my pantry… it doesn’t have to be fancy. 


I thought the following ideas were simple, cute, practical, and work for various budgets. (and a bit fancier than ramen noodle boxes 😉 )


organize your farmhouse kitchen

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9 Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas 



Pantry Organization With Sebastian Crates

pantry organization

Source: Creative Green Living

The crates are from World Market. Then you can stencil anything you want on them. Carissa from Creative Green living used these stencils and this paint. You can also find her tutorial here and see her entire farmhouse style pantry makeover here



DIY Memo Board For Your Command Station

diy message board

Source: Little Glass Jar

Ashley from Little Glass Jar made this DIY project with supplies she bought from a hardware store. I think it is perfect for those of you who want a cute display for a command center in your kitchen. This could be used in an office as well. 



Peg Board Kitchen Storagediy peg board kitchen organization

Source: Inspired By Charm

Here is another DIY project for you. This adorable pegboard set up would be perfect in any farmhouse kitchen, especially if you have more of a minimalist kitchen



 Chalk Board Label Canisters
chalkboard canisters

Source: Wayfair 

These canisters would be perfect for organizing your baking supplies in your farmhouse kitchen.



White Pitcher For Holding Utensils

 rustic white ceramic pitcherSource: Wayfair

I love the look of using pitchers to organize kitchen utensils. Place your utensil holder right next to the stove and fill it with your most used cooking utensils. This white pitcher would look great with the white chalkboard canisters. 



Spice Jar Organization

Source: Garden Betty

How you organize your spices will definitely depend on how your kitchen is set up. If you have room to set up spices in a jar, this idea from Garden Betty is perfect. Betty used these tiny Ball jars, and filled the jars up with her spices, using this funnel. Then, she labeled them using a white sharpie paint pen. Lastly, she kept them neatly in the jars by laying this spice liner in the bottom of the drawer. 

You can find her full tutorial here



Cookie Sheets and Baking Pans Organization

Source: Driven By Decor

This pantry rack works for any style of kitchen. I use one to keep all of my baking sheets in line. It saves me a lot of space and keeps things organized. 



Pantry Organization With Glass Jars

Source: Mrs. Meyers

These ball and trigger glass jars are perfect for adding a beautiful aesthetic to your pantry. I personally do not unpackage food and put them in new containers. That just makes things too complicated. However, I do use glass jars for things we buy in the bulk section of the grocery store such as pumpkin seeds. 

I looked for these exact jars and could not find them. They weren’t listed on the Mrs. Meyers website either. However, I did find these airtight glass jars that are really similar and would give the same great look. Then you could use these black labels that come with a white chalk marker, to achieve the same look as above. 



Add More Storage and Work Room With A Kitchen Island

 nullSource: Wayfair

If you have decluttered all that you can and you just really need more space in your kitchen. Think about investing in a mobile kitchen island. I thought this one would be perfect for any classic kitchen and it is the best price point I could find. If you have a more shabby chic farmhouse kitchen I would recommend this one, it was a bit expensive for my taste but it may serve you well. 



Happy Organizing!


I hope you found something useful here. Let me know what your favorite kitchen organizer is! And don’t forget a cluttered kitchen will never truly be organized. You could buy all of the things above and still not be happy with your space. Decluttering is definitely the first was to go. 



Need Help Organizing Your Home?!


If you feel like you need more help in getting your house organized, you are in the right place! 


I have a lot of resources on this blog that will help you become a more organized and tidy person. I will leave a list of helpful blog posts below. You can check those out for free. 


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