Best Productivity Planners For Homemakers 2020

Do Planners Increase Productivity?


Let’s chat about why I use a planner and then we can find a planner system that works for you. I’ll be sharing the best productivity planners that I have used or heard rave reviews over. My two favorites are at the end. 


I do not know how people live without a planner. I know teachers swear by them, (I sure did!) but I feel like homemakers need one just as much. Between remembering to do all of the chores, what to make for dinner, everyone’s different appoints, all the birthday parties, music lessons, church activities, and family get-togethers… I will forget something if I don’t write it down. 


I use my planner to meal plan, keep track of our bills, keep track of my cleaning routine, our day to day outings, things that need to get done for my business, and all of the other random things that come our way.  


Yes having a planner makes you more productive. The act of writing things down increases your chances of getting things accomplished and reaching your goals. Making it a habit to plan your days/weeks will help you stay on tops of things. 


I’ve made a list of fantastic planners for you. The last two are my favorite. πŸ™‚


Best Productivity Planners!


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Productivity Journal


If you are someone who wants more of a journal, and less of a planner, this Productivity Journal might be just what you need.


While the options to keep track of dates and times are still there, this 13-week journal definitely has more room for writing, reflecting and drawing.




Included with the journal are productivity hacks, and over 30 pages for notes or jotting down ideas. I think this would be a wonderful present for someone entering a new phase of life, either school, job, retirement or any other transition taking place.


The nice thing about the open-ended months and weeks is that anyone can pick this journal up and get started, any time. Using this journal would help you create and maintain wonderful routines that would set you up for success at any stage of life.


Simple Elephant Planner


This Simple Elephant Planner is newer to the scene, but I like what I see so far! This is un-dated, which means you can start whenever you want, and just write in the dates as you go! It is designed to last you for a full year, with 12 months and 52 weeks to fill out.




This planner does a wonderful job of helping you create and remember goals. Each week askes you to decide on goals, and then find some successes and challenges. As a homemaker I would use this set goals for decluttering or what large chores need to be done, areas of our life we need to simplify. 


As a business owner, I would use this to set goals for our individual businesses and make sure we are always moving forward. 


There are note pages, vision and goal pages, and a reminder to be grateful sprinkled throughout this planner. If you are someone who is working on staying organized this would be a great planner for you. You can use these pages to design declutter goals for yourself and get your house in the state you want it in… once and for all. 


Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner


This is currently the planner I use and I will more than likely use it again in 2020. 


If you have ever read A Simplified Life By Emily Ley, and you liked it, then this is the planner for you. 


Emily has designed her planners so that you can buy them in the daily version and the weekly version. I have only ever used the weekly version. You can shop all the different planners with various covers on her website.


I, however, bought mine on Amazon because it was cheaper but I had limited choices. 




This planner is designed to get the job done without any extra noise. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and there is no extra fluff. It has exactly what you need. If you like all the extra stuff it may not be for you. 


It does have her simplicity challenge at the very beginning of the planner, which you should totally do if you get this planner. 


This planner gives me space for each day, an area for a to-do-list for each day, and a small space to write what is for dinner that day. 


The paper is very high quality and does not bleed through. A wonderful planner for help you keep things simple, which as you know, is exactly what I’m about. 


Creative Year Medium Spiral Planner by Recollections


You can get these planners at Micheals. I used this before switching to the Simplified planner. It was a really fun planner with more bells and whistles than the Simplified planner. 


It had a lot of really fun stickers, beautiful pages with a quote between each month, and a handy pocket and pencil pouch in the back. 


There ended up being a lot of stickers and a lot of pages that I never used but I really did miss that pocket and pouch after switching to the Simplified planner. 


If you wait until the right time you can usually get these planners at Micheals for a really good discount. I believe the year I got mine it was in the fall and I go it for 40% off. 


After writing this post I can’t decide what planner I’m going to get for 2020. Have you ever tried the DaySpring planners? They have this really cool one with a Bible reading plan and another that seems to really be focused on helping you focus on the Lord throughout the year. They both look like perfect Christmas gifts. I may have to put one of them on my list this year. If you’ve ever used a DaySpring Calender I’d love to know what you thought.



What do you want from your best productivity planner? Did you see something in my list of Best Productivity Planners that caught your eye?


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