14 Chores You Only Need To Do Once A Year

We all have those daily cleaning tasks that need to be done and we all have those tasks we continue to put off because we dread them. Believe it or not, there is a list of chores that you need to do once a year. Put these chores off for a little while and it’s no big deal. However, tackling these cleaning tasks once a year is probably the smartest idea.


Things You Only Have To Clean Once A Year


Here is a list of 14 chores to do once a year and tips for getting them done. 


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Rain Gutters



If you have trees in your yard you will need to clean your gutters, once a year, after all the leaves have fallen. The sooner you get to this chore the better. You want the rain and snow to be able to run off of your roof properly. 


If you can’t get it done after the leaves are done falling, because it could easily get too cold, make sure you get it done in the early spring before the heavy rains come.


This can be done yourself, or you can hire someone to do this. I often see good deals on Groupon or Living Social.


If you have a ton of trees I would suggest looking into getting gutter guards. It’s an investment but depending on your circumstances, it may be worth it.


We had gutter guards installed and it made a significant difference in the amount of water that would get into our basement.




clean mattress once a year


Mattresses can get really gross, more than we like to think. Between our own body, flaky skin, dust mites, and more, it’s worth cleaning your mattress once a year.




clean dishwasher once a year


Your dishwasher can build up with food and soap scum. Cleaning your dishwasher is simple and is an easy task to tackle during spring cleaning time. Make sure you pay close attention to the filter.


Oven Glass Door


clean oven door once a year


You could argue that this needs to be cleaned more than once a year, but realistically I know that isn’t going to happen in my house. The glass door is not going to get cleaned well during an oven self-cleaning cycle. Be sure to follow these instructions on how to make cleaning your oven easier.


Washer and Dryer


clean dryer once a year


To ensure that your clothes are as clean as they can be, make sure you are cleaning out your washer and dryer.


If you have a front-loading washing machine, this is especially important, because it can hold onto water and develop mold and a bad smell.


You can tackle this any time of the year, but the winter months, when you are stuck inside, is a great time to clean out your washer and dryer.




wash your curtains


You’ll be amazed at how dirty your curtains are, once you take them down and wash them. They can easily look like new after running them through a wash cycle and giving them a good iron.


Be sure to check the cleaning instructions on them so you don’t ruin them.




cleaning couches


This can be done at the end of any season. Right after you’ve been tracking in dirt and dust all summer long and before you settle in for the winter is a perfect time.


Rent or buy an upholstery cleaner and make sure you are using the right cleaning solution for your type of upholstery. This is also a job you can hire out. Many carpet cleaning companies will also clean your upholstery.




cleaning carpets


Just like your upholstery, you’ll want to get this done to cut back on the dirt, mud, and allergens that are lingering in your carpet.


Hire a professional, or buy or rent your own carpet cleaner. I know you can rent them at places like Walmart. Our local Dollar General even has carpet cleaners for rent.


Fire Place


clean fire place once a year


When winter is over and the fireplace is not going to be used, get it cleaned out and ready for the fall. Schedule a time to get this done in the summer. That way when fall comes, it will be all ready to go that first crisp, cool day.


Outdoor Furniture 


clean your outdoor furniture once a year


Before storing your outdoor furniture for the winter, give it a good cleaning. Get it all wiped down and remove any stains. Then cover it up for the winter.


When spring hits it will be ready to go. You may need to give it a quick dusting, but the hardest part will be done and you can sit and enjoy that fresh glass of lemonade, without having to scrub your furniture first.


Closets and Cabinets


clean cabinets once a year


Whether it’s your bedroom, the linen closet, or the kitchen, tackle those spaces once a year. Pull everything out, declutter what you don’t use, and wipe down all surfaces.


A good closet clear out is good for the soul and the amount of crumbs found in the bottom of kitchen drawers is always alarming.


Garage and Other Storage Areas


declutter your garage


Areas such as your garage and basement can easily be a dumping ground. Keep an overwhelming pile up from happening by going through these spaces once a year.


Decluttering your garage is a perfect task for putting on your spring cleaning list.


File Cabinets and Documents


clean out documents once a year


There is no need to hang onto documents forever. Most of the time they are just taking up space in your home.


After you have filed your taxes, go ahead and go through your file cabinet and shred anything that isn’t needed.


Outside Windows 


cleaning outside windows


You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to see through your windows once you clean the outside of your windows.


There are 3 ways you can wash your outside windows. Spray them down with a hose and then use a squidgy, use some glass cleaner a ladder and a microfiber towel, or higher someone.


Happy Cleaning! Need More Help?


Which one of these chores are you going to tackle in the near future? If you have a mess in your home and it’s become overwhelming, I have 3 things that you can do to help yourself out.


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What Chore Do You Do Only Once A Year?


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