Declutter & Organize Bootcamp

Next Bootcamp ~ March 16 - 21st

What Is It?

a full week working with me personally (virtually)

declutter and organize one room in your house

get the motivation and accountability that you need

Who Needs This?

you are overwhelmed by the mess

you have had a major life change and need to simplify

you are searching for order in your home or life

Love Your Space

Get back to loving the space that you are in without having to buy a bunch of new things.

Happy Habits

Learn how to form habits that will make homemaking easier.

Keep Clutter Away

Learn how to keep the clutter from coming back.

I've been so overwhelmed by the mess that I didn't know what to do. One day I said, "enough is enough." I de-cluttered the whole house and found a new peace within our home and within myself. Now I'm going to teach you to do the same.

What To Expect

daily goals

daily check-ins from me

videos that give real actionable steps that can be taken

hard work

access to me whenever you need help or encouragement

small group support

facebook lives during the week so we can easily intereact

a clutter free and organized room at the end of the week

What Others Are Saying

“Bootcamp was awesome and fun. I got a lot done! I loved it.”

“You managed to get me to work through this better than anyone else. Thank you for giving me encouragement.”

Spots Are Limited So That Everyone Gets the Attention They Deserve! Don't Wait!

Read the terms below and grab your spot.

Contract Agreement

You Must Agree To All Of The Following


I have facebook and am okay with working in a small private group with others. (You will get individual attention and have your own threads to post in. Others can see your threads and leave words of encouragement. You are also welcome to send me a private message at any point during bootcamp.)


**if you would like to participate in bootcamp but do not have Facebook please email me and we can work something else out


I am willing to share before and after photos of my space.


I will participate in discussions.


I will do my “homework” and work on the goals given to me.


I am aware that constructive criticism will happen and understand that Katie is only trying to help. I understand that Katie is going to be brutally honest about my space. (Ultimately it is your home and I want YOU to love it. Only do what you are most comfortable with.)


I understand that Katie is a Christian and that her main motivation is to take care of our homes the way God would want us to. While this will not be the main focus of bootcamp it may come up. I am aware and okay with this coming up during bootcamp.


I will be kind and considerate to others in the group.


Bootcamp must be paid in full at the time of enrollment. The cost is $97.


refunds can be given only before the first 24 hours of bootcamp is complete


By submitting payment you are agreeing fully to the above terms. Failure to comply could result in your dismissal from bootcamp. I reserve the right to remove any participant from bootcamp at any time. 

Spots Are Limited!