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How To Make Your Own Boxwood Wreath


I’m sure we’ve all seen those beautiful green wreaths at Magnolia Market or in the Hearth and Hand section of Target. I think they look beautiful, but if you are anything like me, you don’t like the price tag. That is why I take to making things like this myself. I’ll show you a DIY boxwood wreath that only cost me 12 bucks!


I found my materials at Dollar Tree and Walmart. I will also leave affiliate links for you so that you can grab the materials quickly from Amazon if that is easier for you. 


What You Need For Your DIY Magnolia Inspired Boxwood Wreath


what you need to make a boxwood wreath

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I’ll be giving you the measurements and quantities for the one I made, but you can easily make this any size


  • 8 in wire wreath frame (i got mine for a buck at Dollar Tree. Here is a larger one from Amazon if you can’t make it to Dollar Tree)
  • 12 faux boxwood picks (I found mine at Walmart for 97 cents apiece)
  • garden tie, twine or pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun and glue


Instructions For Your DIY Boxwood Wreath



Insert one boxwood pick into the innermost section of the wireframe and pull it tight against the vertical wire piece. 


diy boxwood wreath


Then do the same for the middle section on the wireframe. 


diy boxwood wreath


Turn the wreath upside down and secure the two boxwood picks with your garden tie or twine.


make your own boxwood wreath



Repeat this process all the way around the wreath until all 12 picks have been used. The wreath will still feel loose at this point. 


how to make a boxwood wreath


Lay the wreath face down and use your wire cutters to trim off an access stem from the boxwood wreaths. No need to do this for every pick. Just do it where it way makes the wreath to bulky or hard to lay flat against your door.


making a boxwood wreath


Use the hot glue to secure your wreath even more. I started by adding glue to the places where I had connected the boxwood with my garden wire. 


diy spring boxwood wreath


Turn the wreath over and decide if you like how it looks are if you want to tighten up the boxwood and make it more round. You can choose to leave the pieces loose or you can use the hot glue and garden tie to tighten secure pieces inward and make your wreath more round. I choose to tighten up some spots but did leave it somewhat loose. 


diy boxwood wreath


magnolia inspired wreath


And that’s it. You can hang this straight on your wreath door hook or this would look great on a mantel. 


diy faux boxwoodwreath


I’d love to see your DIY boxwood wreaths! Tag me on social media or send me a picture via email. 


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