How To Declutter Fast And Stop Being Overwhelmed

I’m about to share with you all the best tips for tackling the overwhelming spaces in your home and how to declutter fast!


How To Declutter Fast and Get Your Home Back


Okay, so first I have to be 100% honest with you. There is no special hack for decluttering your home. It does take work. But if you are serious about getting it done, it can be done fast. 


Decide now that decluttering is what you want to do and get it done. 


You May Face Some Decluttering Hurdles



Before you get started you need to make sure you are in the right mindset, that you are ready to get to work, that you are ready to see all the junk go. 


Decluttering will make taking care of your home easier. It will give you time back in your day and it will reduce stress. This is only the surface of what decluttering your home will do for you. 


Make sure you are prepared to deal with sentimental clutter. 
Then, make sure you are ready to have no excuses and find the time to declutter. 


How You Will Achieve A Clutter-Free Home


Overcome decluttering obstacles. 


Have a place for everything and ALWAYS put it back. 


Develop a cleaning routine


Keep the clutter away. 


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How To Declutter Your House FAST!


Just do it… no excuses. Decide this is what you want for your home, for your family, and make yourself do it. 


It’s going to take sacrificing your time. No Netflix, no scrolling Facebook, and maybe staying in for the weekend. 


Have A Plan For Where Donations Are Going


Where will it all go? Some things will need to be donated and this can be one of the largest hurdles. You don’t want bags of donation cluttering up your home for months either. You want to get rid of it as soon as possible. 


I tell you exactly where you can take your donations in my post, Declutter Your Home – 101 Thing To Get Rid Of Now. 


Also, plan when you will drop things off. Don’t be that person who drives around with bags of donations in their trunk for 4 months. (Although, I’ve definitely been guilty of this.)


Don’t Sell Anything


You wanted to know how to declutter fast, so plan to trash or donate everything you want to get rid of. Selling things will only slow you down. 


There can, of course, be exceptions, but if you truly want all the junk gone, and you want it gone now… don’t spend your time selling anything. 


IF you can’t hold to this and you absolutely need to sell something… set a deadline. Put it up on Facebook market place and if it’s not gone by your deadline, get rid of it. 


For example, we got a new screen door and the old one is currently an eyesore on our front porch. Or trash pick up collects extra items on the first trash day of each month. If the old screen door is not sold by the first trash day of this next month… it’s going on the curb. 


Get It Done!


Okay, enough chit chat. Time to get to work. 


Decide which room you are going to start in and then use the same process for each room. 


Throw away all obvious trash. 


Go around with a trash bag and throw everything that you know is trash. There will be more trash than you think there is. 


Throw Away Or Donate


To declutter fast you need to make a quick decision and the easiest way to do that is to have the littlest amount of decisions to make. 


You will touch EVERY item in a room and ask yourself if you love it or if you can leave it?


If you use it or love it… keep it. Everything else is trash or needs to go in the donation box. 


Be ruthless and don’t linger… make those decisions fast and don’t hesitate. 


I can promise you that in almost all situations you will never miss the items you decide to get rid of. 


I do want to add that you don’t have to become a minimalist here and get rid of everything but the bare essentials. But white space is your friend… don’t be afraid to have empty space. Empty space is so much easier to take care of. 


One Room and One Section At A Time 


Start with the room that drives you the craziest. The room that needs the most work. It will be the biggest relief when it is done and then it will all be downhill from there. 


After the trash is gone, pick one area to start in and then work your way through that entire room.


Declutter the bookshelf, then the t.v. stand, then that random pile on the coffee table. 


Don’t forget to touch EVERY SINGLE ITEM and make a decision about it. 


The more you get rid of now, the easier things will be for you from here on out. 


Make sure you read over my list of 101 Things to Get Rid Of. This will help you keep an open mind about what you really can ditch. You can download that from my printables library


Keep The Clutter Away


This does take some training. We live in a consumer-driven world and you will be bombarded with advertisements and thoughts that you “need” something. 


Rember that white space is easier to take care of. 


Shop less… shopping is not a hobby. 


Don’t make impulse decisions. 


Ask yourself… “where am I going to keep this if I buy it?”


That is basically it. There really is nothing complicated about decluttering. You just have to do it. It can seem scary and daunting and overwhelming, but you just have to go. 


Pick up that first piece in your home and keep going until it’s done. 


It will get hard when you are in the thick of it. You will ask yourself… what have I done. You will look around at what seems to be an even bigger mess and wonder how you will ever get this done. 


But then you will keep going and you will get it done and it WILL all be worth it. 


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