Morning Cleaning Routine – Jump Start Your Day

The answer to all of your cleaning woes… a morning cleaning routine.


We all wish we had a clean home 100 percent of the time. Wouldn’t that be great?!


Well unless you have a house-elf (any Harry Potter fans out there?!) 100 percent clean, 100 percent of the time, is not possible.


BUT your house can be 80 percent clean, 80 percent of the time. Those numbers are based on no facts at all, but really how do you measure cleanliness? I think 80 percent seems pretty realistic.


So how do you accomplish that? CLEANING ROUTINES. Simple ones. Cleaning routines where you just bust out some cleaning in a short amount of time and then carry on with the rest of your day.


I have this really detailed post all about my Simple Whole House Cleaning Routine. Make sure you check that out.


However, in this post, we are just going to discuss your morning cleaning routine. These are the cleaning task that you should do each and every morning. I’ve also got a checklist for you, so make sure you grab that below and print it off.


Do you think you are too busy for a cleaning routine? You are not. You are too busy to clean up a huge mess that has piled up after a couple of days. That takes more time and much more effort than implementing a morning cleaning routine.


Your morning cleaning routine should take you 15 minutes. Seriously, putting a load of laundry in literally takes one minute.


For this to become a routine, it needs to become a habit. You need to walk around each morning and do these chores without even thinking about it, so choose the tasks that work for you and start doing them each morning.


Short Disclaimer


If your house is cluttered… if you are constantly tripping over toys in the morning, you can’t pick out what to wear because your closet is overwhelming, there isn’t room in the kitchen cabinets for all of your kitchen gadgets… a cleaning routine is going to be hard. Really hard. You can’t have a clean home with so much clutter in your home.



So… I highly recommend that you give your cleaning routine a jump start by decluttering your house. I’ve got a bunch of blog posts on the subject that you can read for free or you can get everything in one place in my ebook, Your Honest Guide to Decluttering Your Whole House In Your Own Time.


Okay, let’s get to those routines. I’ve got sample routines for the working mom, stay at home mom, and work from home mom. 



morning cleaning routine with free printable


Morning Cleaning Routine For Stay At Home Moms


  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Clean up breakfast dishes
  • Wipe down counters
  • Make Beds
  • Start One Load of Laundry
  • Vacuum/Sweep main area
  • 5-minute tidy (declutter/put things back)
  • 1 chore from the weekly list


Morning Cleaning Routine For Working Moms


  • Unload dishwasher
  • Tidy up kitchen
  • Make beds
  • 5 minute tidy
  • Start One Load of Laundry

Morning Cleaning Routine For Work From Home Moms


  • Unload dishwasher
  • Tidy up kitchen
  • Make beds
  • 5 minute tidy
  • Start one load of laundry
  • 1 chore from the weekly list


The Most Important Task


Some days I just focus on getting the dishwasher unloaded.


If that is the only task you do that morning than good for you… you accomplished something. Plus, I do think that is the most important task you can get done. Coming home to a clean kitchen after a long day at work is so refreshing.


Coming home to a messy kitchen just adds more stress to your day.


It’s a task that only takes 5 minutes… seriously 5 minutes. So get it done.


Just that simple 5-minute task can make a huge change in how easy it is to pick up while you are cleaning dinner. It makes a huge difference in the way your kitchen looks. And it makes a huge difference in how much more calm you feel in your kitchen.


Design Your Own Morning Cleaning Routine


The above cleaning routines are examples. I don’t know your life, I don’t know how busy you are and what you really have time for. I’ve been all 3 of these, stay at home mom, working mom, and work from home mom, and those are the routines that have worked for me. That doesn’t mean that is what will work for you.


In the printable I have provided, I give you two weeks to check these chores off your list, each day. I made one with the maximum amount of chores listed. Then, I made a blank one so that if the maximum amount is too much, you can design your own.


Write down each chore you want to get done each morning. Write all of those chores down on each day of the week, for the next two weeks. After two weeks you won’t need to write them down anymore.


You’ll see the benefits of this morning routine in your home and you’ll want to keep going. After two weeks of checking chores off the list, it will be a habit.


Forming simple systems and routines that will make your life easier. That’s what this is about. 


Grab Your Free Morning Cleaning Routine Checklist

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