5 Nighttime Routines to Make the Morning Easier

Nighttime Routines For Moms With Kids


Am I the only person who couldn’t survive without my routines? Whether I am talking about my little one, housekeeping, or just getting through the day, routines have been part of my life for a long time. Today, let’s chat about a nighttime routine that will make your morning easier. 


Living in a house with a working husband, a toddler, and two large dogs, there is always a lot to be accomplished in the mornings. As a work from home mom, I find that if we don’t get the mornings started off right then the rest of the day is a jumble as well.


I’m trying to juggle intentional time with my daughter and getting some work done and it’s always a messy free for all when our morning isn’t locked down.


It was the same crazy hot mess when I worked outside of the home and wasn’t prepared for the mornings. 


Whether you are a morning person or they are your own personal enemy, mornings will always go smoother when you are prepared. And the best way to be prepared is by starting the night before.


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5 Nighttime Routines to Make the Morning Easier


Turn off the screens


I’m a huge advocate for as little screen time as possible for both you and your kids.


Getting your brain to a place where it is ready to sleep takes at least an hour, and the blue light from screens disrupts that process, delaying it by quite a bit.


Having a good morning often hinges on waking up feeling rested and ready, so turn off those screens around dinner time, and keep them off. This will benefit your family in ways even beyond getting better sleep. 


Tidy Up Before Bed


Waking up to a clean house will help keep your stress levels low in the morning. You will be able to start your day without a giant mess looming over you. You will also be able to come home to a clean house if you are leaving for work for that day.


As part of my nighttime routine, I always make sure the dishes are all cleaned up, and the kitchen has been tidied up. 


I help my daughter clean up her room. When she is older she will do this by herself. Also, this process is made easier because we have decluttered her toys a number of times. 


No matter what, those two things are always done. (Of course, there is the occasional exception.)


In addition to those, I may spend some time making sure the daily chore is done, making sure the laundry is folded and put away and putting the living room back in order. 


I highly suggest coming up with a quick cleaning routine that can be done each evening. There are plenty of chores that can be done in 10 minutes or less


I can’t tell you how much better I feel waking up to a cleaner house! Here is my exact night time cleaning routine to help make your morning stress free. 


Minimize Getting Ready Time


This might seem simplistic, but spend some time on it before you dismiss it. Sit down with your planner, and identify what things you can do the evening before that make your morning easier.


For example, I have started showering in the evenings before bed. Not only does it help me wind down before bed, but I save time in the morning, and don’t have to rush through getting my 3-year old and myself ready.


List out all the things you do in the morning to get ready, then find 2 that you can easily move to the night before. 


Set Things Out That You Need In The Morning


Whatever it is you plan to do the next morning, get it out and ready the night before.


Choose your outfit for the next day and leave it out along with whatever makeup or hair supplies you will need.


You can do this for your children as well. This will also encourage them to start getting themselves dressed.


Leave your journal and your Bible where you are going to sit and do your morning Bible study.


Have all the bags packed and sitting by the door.


You can even go as far as having coffee cups sitting by the coffee maker and so on.


This may seem like more work to do at night, but of all these things need to be done. I’d rather do a little extra work at night to make the mornings go smoother than be rushing around in the morning.


I also find that when I get my things prepared, I am less likely to forget something.


Be Grateful


So often we get caught up in comparisons, negative thoughts, and self-doubt. Carve out some time each evening to remind yourself of the wonderful things in your life.


Use a planner, a journal, or just think to yourself. Try to answer the question: “What three things am I most grateful for today?” To make these answers specific and genuine takes time.


Don’t feel rushed to be the next Gandhi, but find a few things each day you are thankful for.


You will be surprised how easily and quickly your mornings begin to change when you fall asleep grateful for the life you have each night.


Will You Start A New Nighttime Routine?


Mornings can be the hardest part of the day. The dogs wake up whining to go out, the kids wake up hungry and maybe still a little tired, and sometimes no one really wants to be up yet.


Prioritizing your time in the evening allows you to wake up ready for the day, not dreading it. What is the most important part of your evening routine? Which of these 5 Nighttime Routines to Make the Morning Easier do you think you will attempt first?


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Nighttime Routines For A Better Morning

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