School Supplies You Should Buy At Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is a fantastic place to buy school supplies and the savings on buying them in other stores is massive. That’s why I’ve put together a list of school supplies you should buy at Dollar Tree.


Your bank balance will thank you.


Keep in mind that not all Dollar Tree school supplies are a good deal. I will make sure to share with you, what school supplies you should not buy at Dollar Tree, as well. 


dollar tree school supplies

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Paper Products


Dollar Tree is a fantastic place to buy some paper products. But, not all are created equal. Their lined paper for binders tends to be quite a poor quality, so while you COULD buy the paper there I wouldn’t recommend it.


Poor quality paper is difficult to write on, bleeds easily, and really isn’t worth the savings. But, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid all paper products at Dollar Tree.


Here’s a list of paper products you should buy at the Dollar Tree. You’ll see a massive difference in price without much difference in the quality.


Construction Paper


Poster Board – definitely the best price I’ve ever seen on poster board


Sticky Notes


Doodle Pads




Tissue Paper


Index Cards


Other School Supplies


Paper products aren’t the only things you can grab at Dollar Tree. It’s also a fantastic place to buy smaller school supplies too.


Once again though, not all of them are created equal so be sure to look at the quality of the products before you put them in your basket.


I don’t recommend Dollar Tree markers or crayons, the quality just isn’t there. I would buy your crayons and markers at Walmart. 


Below is a list of things that I’ve generally found to be pretty good to buy in the Dollar Tree.




Glue – only when they have the name brands (the off brand is horrible)


Tape – you can usually find Scotch Tape






Dry Erase Boards






Pipe Cleaners






Organization Containers – pencil bags, plastic boxes, etc. 


Other Items To Buy At Dollar Tree


Beyond the school supplies, there are a few items that may come in handy or are just plain useful for school time that you can also pick up while you’re in Dollar Store.


These are things that are useful for lunches, classrooms, and rewards for a job well done.


Sandwich Bags


Lunch Bags




Stickers – great selection but you do get more for less at Hobby Lobby or Micheals Craft Store


Coloring Books – great selection but you can get a larger book for a smaller price at Walmart




Stamp Pads


Snacks and Treats


The Dollar Store is also a fantastic place to get organization supplies which are incredibly important when the kids go back to school.


Check out my back to school organization tips to get inspiration for keeping school time more organized and less stressful. Leaving you more time to enjoy life.


As you can see there are a lot of things you can buy at the Dollar Tree for back to school. Though they do come with some warnings. This is why I actually recommend that you go to Dollar Tree first for your back to school shopping.


Get what you can there and don’t be afraid to be picky if the quality isn’t up to your standards. This isn’t your last stop and you’ll be going to other stores for the rest of your supplies anyway.


Sometimes you’ll even find name brand products there for a fraction of the price. This way you won’t have buyer’s remorse and you’ll have more money left over to spend on the more expensive things, like clothes.


If you are in a pinch, Amazon is a great place to buy your school supplies as well. 





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