Small Bathroom Organization Ideas You Never Thought Of

Small Bathroom Organization

We have one small bathroom in our house. The vanity around the sink is pretty much non-existent. I have figured out how to cut the clutter and have come up with some great small bathroom organization ideas.

I either use these ideas myself or saw them somewhere else and thought they would work great for your small bathroom.

Declutter First

Before you organize you must declutter. There is no point in organizing your clutter.

Go through each drawer, cabinet, and storage space in your bathroom. Touch each item and decide to love it or leave it. If you don’t love it or you don’t use it, then throw it out or donate it.

Go through all your products and get rid of the ones you stopped using or that have expired.

I use the “love it or leave it” theme in my Guide to Decluttering Your Whole House In Your Own Time. If you are overwhelmed by the disorganization in your bathroom and beyond, this guide might be just what you need.

Continue With One Of These Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Put Shelves Above the Toliet

Any decorative or simple shelf, above the toilet, will give you extra storage space. You can then use other baskets and bins to help keep the shelves organized.

We have a cabinet above our toilet. We keep toiletries, in the cabinet, extra toilet paper on the shelf, and makeup in a cute basket that sits on the shelf.

Get this shelf hereGet this item here.

Use the Space Behind Or Above the Door

Put an over the door hanger on the backside of the bathroom door. You can store extra hair products, your hairbrush, towels, baby wipes, diapers, the list of possibilities is endless.

I’ve seen others use a simple shelf for extra storage above the door. You can keep extra toilet paper or towels on the shelf.

Simple Houseware 4 Pocket Over The Door Wall Mount Hanging Organizer, GreyGet this behind the door hanger here.Get this shelf here.

Add Space to Your Vanity

If you have to store items out on your vanity, use vertical storage when possible. Here are a few of my favorite ways to store makeup or other products that normally take up room on your vanity.

Get these stackable here. Great for corner storageFind this other great option for vertical  here.

This a great storage piece for makeup and other small items that clutter the bathroom countertops. Get it here.
Get this silicone holder here and hang it on your mirror or in your shower.

Save Some Room By the Toilet

Here are some small bathroom organization ideas to keep the area around your toilet clear. A really thin trash can and a clever way to store toilet paper.

This trash can fits perfectly between a toilet and a wall. Such a clever way to store toilet paper in a small bathroom. Get it here.

Under the Cabinet Organization

Use as much vertical space as possible under the sink. You can easily find shelves for below the sink or even use stackable bins from Dollar Tree.

These vertical drawers are great for the kitchen too. Hang hair supplies on the door with baskets made exactly for the job or use command hooks. I use one of these under my bathroom sink. It’s great!

In the Shower Organization

This hanger is perfect for all of your shampoo and body wash. I use a similar one. This shower caddy would be great for storing bath toys.

Happy Organizing! 🙂

I hope that at least one of these ideas were helpful. If you are still feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and in your bathroom and the rest of your house, try signing up for my Declutter Challenge. It’s a free 3-day challenge where I walk you through the process of decluttering your bedroom. If you can declutter your bedroom, you can declutter any room in your home.

Decluttering is hard. Stop feeling overwhelmed and let me help you. Sign up for my 3 day challenge. Declutter your bedroom in 3 days!Read More:

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Small bathroom organization ideas. Tips for under the sink, toiletries, counter tops, shelves and more. #organization #shelves #bathrooms #


Small bathroom organization ideas. Tips for under the sink, toiletries, counter tops, shelves and more. #organization #shelves #bathrooms #
Small bathroom organization ideas. Tips for under the sink, toiletries, counter tops, shelves and more. #organization #shelves #bathrooms #

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