Spring Clean Anytime – Planner and Guide

What comes with your spring cleaning planner?


Your planner will help you remember that being a good steward of your home glorifies the Lord.

30 Days to a Clean Home

Whether it is springtime or winter you can tackle the mess in 30 days. Use this planner to get rid of the dirt and grim and feel happier and healthier in your home.

Make New Cleaning Habits

Build habits and routines that will change the way you clean. Learn how to do a small amount of cleaning each day and never spend a whole day cleaning again.

What comes with the planner?

Motivational Wall Art

Display this beautiful printable in your home to remind yourself why you want to keep a tidy home. The printable displays the Bible verse Proverbs 31:27.

30 Day Calendar

This 30-day calendar has a deep cleaning chore for each day. The calendar is not dated so that you can do it any 30 days of the year. Get it done 30 days in a row or spread the 30 days out.

52 Week Cleaning Planner

This planner list 5 days of the week. Each day has quick daily chores to check off each day, 1 weekly chore to accomplish, and one deep cleaning chore to accomplish. Eliminate the deep cleaning chore if you are using the 30-day calendar or do this 52-week plan instead. Mark the chores off, each day and watch your home transform.