Summer Schedule For Kids – Have Fun With These Weekly Activities

Spend Intentional Time With Your Kids This Summer

Keeping a summer schedule for your kids will help your summer run smoothly. I know making the most of this time with your kids is important to you. I also know that the extra time with your kids can start to feel a little chaotic. That is why having some sort of lose summer plan is a great idea. 


As a work from home mom, I have figured out how to spend intentional time with my daughter and get things done around the house. This is why I feel I can share with you how to make the most of your summer with your kids. 


Also, I like to keep things as screen-free as possible. We do watch television in this house but on a limited basis. Let your kids be kids this summer and enjoy life without a screen in their face. 


I’m going to share a suggested weekly summer schedule and some tips for being intentional with this time that goes by oh so fast. 


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Weekly Summer Schedule 


I’m going to give you these ideas for a summer schedule, but I don’t want them to wear you out. I’m all about making things simple and if this schedule just complicates things for you, then don’t do it. 


This schedule is meant to keep your mind on being intentional with the time that you with your children this summer. However, you don’t have to follow it hard and fast. Use this as a tool to be intentional and when you have to get off the schedule for a week… no big deal! After all the beauty of summer is having the ability to be flexible and go where the days take you. 


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Munchies Monday


Make a fun tasty treat with each other. Shop for this on Monday or even over the weekend. No need to make an extra trip. Just plan for Munchies Monday when you go grocery shopping. 


You can make some fun muffins to eat for breakfast the rest of the week, or homemade popsicles for an after dinner treat. Just make it something you know the kids will enjoy making and eating. 


Here are some more ideas for Munchies Monday:



Thinking Tuesday


Do a learning activity. Look up fun sensory or STEM activities on Pinterest and spend some time learning together. You can easily get inexpensive supplies at Dollar Tree or in the Target dollar spot. 


Here are a few examples:



Water Wednesday


Have some fun with water. Big or small it doesn’t matter. Mix it up and the kids are sure to have fun. 


Here are some ideas for your Water Wednesday:



Thankful Thursday


Find some time on Thursday to be a blessing to someone else. Help a neighbor, visit a grandparent, do some community service, make a card for someone or take them flowers. Do something to show your kids how to love others.


Here are a couple more examples:


  • color pictures for the local police officers
  • take cookies to the local fire department
  • make thank you cards for your church staff
  • pick up trash at the park
  • take flowers to a nursing home
  • write letters to service men and women overseas
  • make blankets for local hospitals and animal shelters


Fun Friday


Friday is your adventure day. It also doesn’t have to be something huge. Just get away from the house and do something different.


Here is a list of different ideas that vary in cost and experience:

  • Find a new trail to ride bikes on
  • Go for a hike
  • See a new movie
  • Find a theatre that plays old movies for lower prices
  • Check out books from the libraries and spend time doing the free activities there
  • Go to the zoo
  • Go berry picking
  • Pack a picnic and find a new park to eat and play at
  • Go to a cool toy store and play (you can tell your kids you won’t be buying anything beforehand)
  • Go to an indoor trampoline park or those places with large inflatables
  • When the fair is in town… go!



Print Your Weekly Summer of Fun Schedule


Print out the schedule so you can reference it through the summer. You can sign up for my library of free printables and get this printable along with all of my others.


>>>Or you can just download it here<<< 


Make sure you pin these ideas for later so that you can come back and reference my list of fun summer activities. 


I hope you have a wonderful summer with your kiddos. Come back any time. 🙂

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