The Best DIY Home Improvement Projects for Homeowners

Home improvement projects are a great way to spruce up your home while also trying to save money. We have done our fair share of DIY home improvement projects but I am by no means a pro. So this week I have a guest post for you. 


Paul from Dad Know DIY is sharing with you 7 home improvement projects that can easily be done on your own. 


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The Best DIY Home Improvement Projects for Homeowners

by Dad Knows DIY


There is nothing like adding your personal touch to your own humble abode.  With a little inspiration and elbow grease, you can point to the projects you completed and proudly announce, “I did that!”  Here are some terrific ideas for home improvement projects to try.




Painting is a job you don’t need a lot of skills to accomplish, but it really packs a wallop.  With careful preparation, well-chosen supplies, and a little patience, you can give your home a great refresher.  Reader’s Digest notes you should opt for high-quality rollers and paint with primer already mixed in.  Be sure to patch holes and prime them before you start!




If your carpeting is looking weary or your linoleum has seen better days, consider installing peel-and-stick flooring.  This kind of tile flooring includes the adhesive and is easy to install.  You can even mix in different colors for bold, interesting patterns.




Consider installing a new backsplash to refresh your kitchen.  Penny tile is an affordable option and easy to install.  You can even tailor your project by painting tiles with enamel paint and baking them in the oven.  Choose white tiles to ensure your color is true, and select individual tiles to paint for a personal design.  You can make patterns or stick with random selections. 




Wall paneling is enjoying a revival, and now you can opt to upgrade with the ease of peeling and sticking.  Wood panels add texture and interest to a room.  Consider going with one side of the room for an accent wall and select various stains and wood thicknesses to give it a custom look. 




Consider enhancing your landscaping to increase your enjoyment of your property.  Installing a stone path, putting in a raised bed, or adding an herb garden requires little skill and offers lots of enjoyment.  While many of us think first of making the backyard more enticing for family barbecues, some experts suggest improving your home’s curb appeal.  Line your walkway with colorful blooms and replace worn-out house numbers.  You may be surprised how good it feels driving up to a more groomed and attractive entrance. 




If you’re designing a relaxing backyard or want to create a space for the family pet to run and play, then you’ll need a fence.  Fortunately, with some careful planning, this is one project you can easily do yourself.  If you plan to DIY a wood fence, then you won’t have to worry about paying for the cost of labor, which runs between $10 to $30 per foot.  However, you will have to pay for lumber, which runs between $7 and $15 per foot on average.  You’ll need to get an accurate measurement of your yard so you can budget accordingly.


Tools and safety


Whatever projects you put on your to-do list, be sure to follow these two basic rules: have the right tools for the job and always put safety first.


Selecting the right tools can be a little overwhelming.  Sure, some items can be pretty basic like hammers and screwdrivers, but when you’re looking for power tools such as cordless drills, be sure to choose well-made drills that will last.


Once you have a good drill in hand and you’re ready to go, some professionals recommend following these basic rules to stay safe:


  • Power tools should never be left running.
  • Unplug tools when left unattended.
  • Don’t carry tools by their cords.
  • Remove plugs from outlets by pulling on the plug, not the cord.
  • Keep cords away from sharp objects, heat, and oil


Recognize that for safety’s sake, some projects are best left to the pros.  As explains that if your project involves electricity, plumbing, asbestos removal, replacing a water heater, tree removal, HVAC repairs or installations, or removing walls, you should hire a licensed contractor.  Not only do you risk your safety in performing any of these tasks, but you could also even be breaking the law or compromising your homeowner’s insurance.


Grab your toolbox


Making home improvements can be fun and satisfying.  Opt for projects that make an impact, be sure you use the right tools, and always put safety first.  You’ll be proud to point to the fruits of your labor and know you did it yourself!


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