What I Use To Clean My House

I thought it might be helpful for you guys to have a list of what I use to clean my house each day. I don’t use anything fancy and mostly just use what I’ve had for years and what I have on hand. 


I will go through each day of the cleaning routine and let you know what I use. 


household cleaning supplies

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Cleaning Supplies


I like to get my cleaning supplies for Grove Collaborative.


Grove Collaborative sells cleaning and household products that are more mindful of toxins and harsh chemicals. They seriously have everything on this site and it’s at the cheapest price that you can find these items. I have even bought makeup, toothpaste, and kitchen items from them.


If you use my link you can get a free Mrs. Meyers set of cleaning supplies. They are a subscription services, but the secret is, you can turn off the subscription/monthly shipments and just order when you need things. At least, that’s how I do it. 


If you subscribe, you can still change your cart each month or even set it to every 3 months. 





Nothing fancy here. I use whatever cleaner I felt like buying recently. I use a normal scrub brush for the toilet, cleaning cloths, and sometimes paper towels. 


I do like to leave this particular scrub brush filled with a cleaner in the shower so that I can use it to clean the shower and tub while I am in there. 





For dusting, I switch back and forth between a duster and spray with a microfiber cloth. 


When cleaning my television I use an e-cloth that I got from Grove Collaborative. You can just use water with these cloths. This is great for mirrors and glass as well. These ones on Amazon are supposed to be the same thing. They have good reviews, but I have personally never used them so I can’t give a true testimony on those. 







I use an older version of the Shark Navigator. I love this thing. You can read more about why I love it in this post about budget-friendly vacuums for pet hair. 


I have hardwood floors and I have dogs who shed a lot. I have used this every day for the past 6 and a half years and it still works great. I did recently replace the hose and pet attachment. But I dropped the pet attachment so that was totally my fault. It’s really held up through the years, despite being used every day and for being relatively cheap compared to other really good vacuums. 




I also have a Robot Vacuum which comes in handy when wanting to keep that pesky dog hair picked up more frequently. 






I mostly use a spray mop for mopping. I have the o-cedar mop with reusable pads. I like that I can fill it up with whatever cleaner that I want. 


I do also use a Norwex mop on occasion. It, of course, works really well. I just don’t like that it doesn’t have anything to wet the floors with. It also has a dust attachment which is great for getting dust bunnies out from under furniture. A Swiffer would accomplish the same thing. 


I also recently purchased this Bissel mop because I feel like I’m not always getting my floors as clean as I could because of a lack of scrubbing. This mop has spinning mopping pads and seems like it would lift a lot of dirt!


I thought about this for a long time before asking for this for my birthday. The reviews look great and it came highly recommend. I can’t give a personal testimony just yet, but I will be sure to come back and give an update once I’ve used it a handful of times. 






I have a dishwasher so there’s that… But of course, I need to scrub some pans sometimes so here are my favorite sponges. 







When I’m being more mindful of the products we are using I order Mrs. Meyers products from Grove Collaborative. My favorites are the liquid laundry detergent, the all-natural scent boosters, and the non-toxic dryer sheets… all in the lavender scent. 


When I’m not being as mindful or on a tight budget I grab some laundry detergent from Sam’s Club and call it good. 🙂 


Check out what else I buy from Sam’s Club to save money






I think that’s about it! Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to know about what I use to clean my house. Happy cleaning!

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  1. joanne

    April 14, 2021 at 2:20 am

    Hi, I just saved your homemade formula for a glass cleaner. Do you have anything similar for cleaning walls? Thanks.

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