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Declutter Challenge 2019

Have you been wondering how to declutter your life? There is no time like the present! I’ve got the perfect 31-day decluttering challenge for you! Start the new year right as you learn how to clear the clutter and get organized once and for all.


There is nothing more stressful than living in a home that is overflowing with stuff everywhere you look. Once you try your hand at some clutter busters, you’re going to feel much better!


Imagine walking into a clean home that smells good, and everything is in the proper place.


31 Day Declutter Challenge


Working on one day at a time needs to be your focus to become clutter-free. You can’t just run around the house in one or two days and expect everything to be in order.


It takes time and some fairly major effort to declutter. It’s not exactly an easy process, but it is a worthy one. If you find you are seriously struggling with this process, here’s six reasons why decluttering is hard, and how to overcome each one.


One major way to step forward in your minimizing journey is to have a plan, which will `save you frustration and stress. This 31 day declutter challenge is just what you need to feel in control and much more relaxed in your own home.


Let’s begin!


How Do You Declutter?


Okay, to get started, we must first think about how we need to declutter. You don’t need just to buy a dumpster and throw everything away, as tempting as that may be.


I’m sure you will have plenty to toss, but you can also find proper storage places too. As you organize the things you own, you’ll suddenly realize that you have way more space than you thought. 


If you come across sentimental items, it can be particularly challenging to let go. Here’s how you can declutter items that are sentimental


You can also read these posts if you are really struggling with exactly how you are going to do this:


Once you take the initial plunge and begin to learn how to declutter, you’ll find that it’s much easier to keep your home clean and manageable. Just make sure to build in decluttering time into your weekly routine, and you may be able to maintain your hard work for years to come. 


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30 Day Declutter Challenge Printable


You can download and print the calendar from the printables library or just write it down in your own calendar from this list. 


Here are 31 spots to tackle and declutter in January (or any other time of year!).


Day 1:


Coat Closet – Organize coats, hats, mittens, and everything else. Get rid of items that no longer fit, you don’t wear, or are damaged.


Day 2:


Dressers – Go through clothes in dressers and get rid of things that don’t fit any longer or that you never wear. Make sure everything is organized when you put it back.


Related: here’s my simple method for how to declutter clothes quickly.


Day 3:


Toys – Get rid of toys that are broken or no longer played with. Take extra toys and place them in labeled storage containers for easy access. Don’t dread this task – it’s incredibly freeing and healthy for both you and your children! Here’s how to declutter toys the right way. 


Day 4:


Holiday Decor – As you begin to put away your holiday decor, this is the perfect time to sort through and declutter. Toss or recycle broken items, carefully pack what you love, and donate items you no longer use or need.


Day 5:


Magazines – Get organized with the magazines you are keeping and toss out the rest.


Day 6:


Bathroom Cabinets – Put everything in its proper place. Wipe everything down and use baskets and jars to label and organize everything.


Day 7:


Linen Closet – Get rid of damaged sheets and any blankets you no longer need. Label everything and keep like items together.


Day 8:


Toiletries – Toss out old items that you are no longer going to use. Or combine things that are the same to save space.


Day 9:


Closets – Go through all the bedroom closets in your home. Throw out items or donate things that are no longer needed. Organize everything, so it’s clean and everything within is easy to find.


Day 10:


Junk Drawer – We all have a junk drawer that’s full of junk! Get rid of that stuff or at least organize it. One of the easiest clutter busters out there!


Day 11:


Cleaning Supplies – Make sure all your cleaning supplies are in order, and the bottles are clean. Find a spot to keep them that’s away from kids and pets.


Day 12:


Pantry – Toss out old food and put like items together. Canned goods, boxed goods, snacks, and other items would go great in labeled baskets, and it would look nice too.


Day 13:


Kitchen Utensils – If you have ended up with a bunch of spatulas or whatever, get rid of some or at least put the extras in storage.


Day 14:


Dishes – Do you have dishes that are broken, or you have random pieces that don’t go with anything? Toss them out or donate them. Make sure the rest are clean and organized.


Day 15:


Shoes – If you have kids, their feet tend to grow pretty fast. Go through the shoes of everyone in the home. Get organized by using over the door organizers.


Day 16:


Bedrooms – Use baskets and storage containers to make sure everything is in its proper place. Get rid of unwanted items.


Day 17:


Refrigerator and Freezer – Throw out old food, place snacks and condiments together. Make sure to wipe down everything, so it’s all clean and defrost the freezer.


Day 18:


Jewelry – A jewelry box is a perfect tool to get your valuables organized. If you have one that’s too small, invest in a larger one to make sure everything has a place to go.


Day 19:


Games – Throw out games that are missing pieces and organize everything else.


Day 20:


Purse – If you carry a purse, this is a great time to declutter it. It’s easier to become clutter-free when you work on the little things.


Day 21:


Desk – Spending a lot of time working at home can make your desk a catch-all. Get it organized and cleaned. Label everything, so you aren’t tempted to skip keeping it organized.


Day 22:


Electronics – We all have too many electronics. Go through them and toss out broken or old ones. Donate old cell phones and get the areas cleaned up.


Day 23:


Medicine Cabinet – Dispose of old medicines and other items in your medicine cabinet. (make sure to follow safety rules to dispose of meds properly)


Day 24:


Garage – If your garage is a giant catch-all, get it in order. Put like items together and use baskets and containers to get everything in its place.


Day 25:


Vehicles – Part of getting your life decluttered is taking excellent care of your vehicles. Think of how much time you spend in your car. It makes sense to keep it organized and cleaned.


Day 26:


Storage Room – Having a storage room is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It will take some time to get it in order, but you will be effort is well worth it.


Day 27:


Laundry Room – Clean and organize your laundry room.


Day 28:


Books – Donate books you no longer read and organize the ones you keep. This is an easy clutter buster and can make a significant impact on your space.


Day 29:


Photos – Place photos in frames or photo albums. Use photo organizer boxes too.


Day 30:


Towels – Turn dingy old torn towels into dust rags and update them with new ones as needed.


Day 31:


Email – If you have an abundance of emails, you’ll appreciate your mailbox getting cleaned up! The delete button is your friend.


Now that you know how to organize your home, it’s going to be a lot easier to declutter. Just go through one space at a time and commit to making it cleaned and organized.


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