How To Clean A Coffee Maker

Keep your coffee maker running like new by cleaning it regularly. Learn how to clean your coffee maker, especially if you have hard water!


Always refer to the user manual before cleaning your exact coffee pot. There are so many different kinds and they all have different parts. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s suggested care instructions so you don’t void the warranty.


In this guide, I’ll share some general tips that will apply to cleaning most coffee makers and Keurig coffee makers.


how to clean coffee maker

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How To Clean A Coffee Maker


There are two main types of coffee makers- drip coffee pots and pod coffee makers. Some people use a French press and others use a pour-over, but this guide will just cover the automatic drip coffee maker and single-cup coffee pod makers.


First, let’s look at how to clean an automatic, multi-cup coffee pot.


Daily Coffee Pot Care


In order to keep your coffee pot germ-free and working the best, you should take care of these things every day. 


1. Dump out the coffee grounds.


2, Wash the carafe (coffee pot) and all removable parts like the filter basket and lid. If the parts are dishwasher safe, you can just place them in the dishwasher.


3. Wipe down any drips or spills on the coffee maker with a damp towel.


4. Dry everything completely before putting it back. Storing wet or damp parts can attract smells and bacteria.


These tips will also keep your coffee tasting better. 


Use Vinegar To Clean The Coffee Maker


Plan to do a monthly coffee maker cleaning with vinegar. If you have hard water, you should definitely plan on doing this at least once a month to prevent scaling and build up.


Most water has minerals in it like magnesium and calcium that it picks up as it moves through layers of rock to get to your faucet. Some water has more minerals in it than others – this is what makes water “hard”. The vinegar is so acidic that it breaks down the minerals and removes them from your coffee maker.


Here’s how to use vinegar in your coffee maker to keep it running properly and lasting a long time.


1. Add 4 cups of undiluted white vinegar to the water reservoir.


2. Let it sit for about 30 minutes.


3. Run the vinegar through a brewing cycle.


4. Repeat this process with just water until the vinegar odor is gone.


5. Leave everything open and let it air dry completely. 


Clean the Coffee Pot Carafe In the Dishwasher


You should clean your coffee carafe after each use to prevent stains and bacteria build-up. Most carafes are dishwasher-safe, but check your owner’s manual before putting in the dishwasher.


You can also just wipe it out with a bit of soap and water.


Just make sure to dry it out completely before placing it back in the coffee maker.


How to Clean a Stained Coffee Pot


No matter how hard you try, stains happen. Thankfully, there is an easy way to remove the stains without having to use a lot of elbow grease.


All you need is a little baking soda. The baking soda interacts with the stain to remove it. This is a non-toxic and easy solution for coffee stains!


To do this:


1. Just sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking soda into the bottom of your carafe.


2. Then, add just enough water to make a paste.


3. Use a non-abrasive sponge or brush to spread the paste around your carafe.


4. You might have to scrub a little bit, but it should clean off the stains pretty easily.


How To Clean A Keurig Coffee Maker


how to clean a keurig


There are different parts and pieces, but cleaning a Keurig is a lot like cleaning a drip or automatic coffee maker. It’s important to clean your Keurig as often as you can so that you prevent build-up which could cause it to run slower.


Use Vinegar To Clean Your Keurig


Just like with the drip coffee maker, you should run a cycle with only vinegar about once a month. White distilled vinegar will help descale your Keurig. Here’s how to do it.


1. Fill the water reservoir halfway with vinegar.


2. Fill up the rest of the reservoir with water.


3. Run the machine without a K-cup, brewing just the vinegar-water solution. Repeat this step until you used all of the water in the reservoir.


4. To remove the taste of vinegar from the coffee maker, add plain water to the reservoir and run a few cycles without a K-cup until the smell and taste of vinegar is completely gone.


Clean The Pod Area


Next, take a small brush and clean out the pod area. This little section gets coffee grounds that collect in it. Brush it out, and dry it with a paper towel. Be careful when you clean around the needle. This video from Keurig shows you how to clean it properly.


Clean the Mug Stand


You can either clean the mug stand by putting it in the dishwasher or just wash it with a cloth and soapy water. When you clean the mug stand, take a minute to also wipe out the inside of it. This is a place that coffee drips and collects.


Place Water Reservior In Dishwasher


The water reservoir is dishwasher-safe! Wash it with the rest of your dishes. Before placing it back together, make sure you dry it completely on the outside.


If you try to allow it to air dry, it might create water spots.


Wipe Down the Outside


Finally, take a cloth with some soapy water and wash down the outside of your Keurig. You should probably do this at least once a month.


Get into all the crevices and wipe away any food splatters, drips, or other spots that happened to appear on it. Then, rinse it off with a dry cloth.


Do this while it is unplugged! It’s very important to always unplug your Keurig before you clean it.


How To Clean A Coffee Maker: Final Thoughts


If your coffee maker isn’t working properly, it might just need a deep cleaning. Try to clean it with vinegar before you give up on it and replace it. If you do regular maintenance and keep it cleaned, your coffee maker will last so much longer.


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