How To Clean The Instant Pot

This is how to clean your instant pot completely so that it lasts longer. Learn what kinds of soap to use and how to clean the lid.


Of course, you want to clean your Instant Pot after each meal, but how often do you actually deep clean it? This guide is going to walk you through everything you need to know to keep your Instant Pot looking and working just like new!


how to clean instant pot

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How To Clean Your Instant Pot


Follow these steps to completely clean every crevice and part of your Instant Pot. Remember to dry your Instant Pot completely before storing it away. Leaving parts of your appliance damp will cause it to smell.


1. Clean the Inside Base


The very first thing you should do is unplug your Instant Pot.


Never clean it when it’s plugged in, even if it is turned off!


Then, use a damp cloth to wipe down the inside of the base of the Instant Pot. There shouldn’t very much here that is tough to clean. After you wash the base, turn it around and wipe the outside of the pot too.


Before you finish this step, use a dry cloth to remove all the water that your rag might have left behind.


2. Clean the Stainless Steel Pot


Next, clean the stainless steel pot. Use a non-abrasive brush like a sponge or a dishcloth when you clean it so that you don’t scratch the steel. Wash out both the inside and the outside of the pot.


If your pot has discolorations, you can pour some vinegar and water inside of it, let it sit, and then wipe it out. The pot will look like new!


3. Clean Crevices Around The Ring


Finally, focus on cleaning the area around where the lid locks. Depending on how dirty this area is, you can either use small-bristled brushes to clean it or just a washcloth. Try to clean everything out from the inside of this lip. Any food or grease that you leave here could lead to bad smells.


You don’t have to clean this area every single day. You could get away with only cleaning it every other week or even every month, as long as you don’t see any dirt on it.


How To Clean the Instant Pot Lid


It’s really important to take care of the lid and keep it clean. If you let grease and old food build up on the lid, it could affect how well it seals. As you know, a really tight seal is imperative to how well your pressure cooker works. This is why you should focus on taking care of your lid.


Follow these steps and you’ll have a lid that lasts as long as your pressure cooker!


1. Take Off The Sealing Ring


The very first step is to take off the rubber sealing ring. If you leave it on, it could hold moisture in and then start smelling or growing mildew.


The lid is dishwasher safe, as long as you put it on the top rack and you take off all the loose parts (including the sealing ring).


How often you replace the sealing ring depends on how often you use your Instant Pot. Some people change the sealing ring about every 6 months, and others do it once a year.


Every time you clean the lid, you should remove the sealing ring and use a damp rag to clean it. Then, dry it off all the way before you put it back.


2. Clean Inside The Lid


You can clean the lid two different ways:


  1. By hand
  2. In the dishwasher


The easiest way is to just wash it by hand. To do this, just remove all the loose parts – including the sealing ring – and then use a damp cloth and wipe it down. Make sure to remove any bits of food or grease that is stuck to the lid.


You can also use a little bit of dish soap on your washcloth if you need to cut through the grease.


3. Clean the Float Valve


Next, clean the float valve.


This is the little button that goes up and down to let you know that it is pressurizing. To clean it, take the silicone piece off the float valve. Then, take the float valve off and clean it really well. If there is food or build up on the float valve, the pressure cooker won’t pressurize correctly.


If you need to clean in the small areas of it, use a toothbrush to clean it really well!


4. Dry Everything Completely


Finally, after you clean every part of the lid – including the lid itself – dry everything off before you put it away. The final step is to put the sealing ring back on and then put it with the rest of the pressure cooker.


Is The Instant Pot Dishwasher-Safe?


Yes, there are parts of the Instant Pot that are dishwasher safe. The stainless steel pot and steam rack can go in the bottom rack of your dishwasher. The lid is dishwasher-safe as long as you only put it on the top rack.


Before you wash the lid in the dishwasher, don’t forget to remove the sealing ring and the anti-block shield.


Do not put the cooker base in the dishwasher. This is not dishwasher safe at all.


While the stainless steel inner pot and steam rack are both safe to put in the dishwasher, it’s still possible that they will get water spots on them.


To prevent the water spots, dry them completely after the dishwasher is finished before you put them away.


How To Clean An Instant Pot: Final Thoughts


The Instant Pot is an amazing kitchen appliance! It can cook food in much less time than an oven or air fryer. The secret to how fast it cooks food is a tight seal and steam. That’s why it is so important to keep your Instant Pot clean.


If you let it get dirty, not only will it stink and not be safe to use, but it won’t seal properly and your recipes won’t turn out right.


Just follow these easy tips to clean your Instant Pot. While some parts are dishwasher safe, it’s still very important to always remove that sealing ring.


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