Keep Your Bathroom Clean in Less Than 15 Minutes a Week

Keep Your Bathroom Clean


Bathrooms get messy and fast. It can be a challenge to keep up with. I have found a way to keep the mess to a minimum and it takes me less than 10 minutes a week.


The best way to keep your bathroom clean and avoid being grossed out is to add it to your weekly cleaning routine


cleaning routine printable

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Here are all of the supplies you need to keep your bathroom clean.




How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean in 15 Minutes a Week



The short answer… Implement Toliet Tuesday… meaning clean your bathrooms every Tuesday.


Here are my best tips for getting that done.


Have All Supplies Ready to Go


Gather all of the cleaners that you like to use to keep your bathroom clean. The best way to do this is to keep them all in a caddy under the sink.


If you have multiple bathrooms and don’t want to have cleaners in every bathroom, then put together a bathroom cleaning caddy that you can carry around the house.


I have 3 cleaners that I use to keep my bathroom clean. My cleaning caddy consists of a disinfectant spray, a toilet bowl cleaner, a glass cleaner, and microfiber cloths.


I also grab a couple of paper towels before I get started.


keep your bathroom clean with a bathroom caddy under the sink.


I like to use more plant-based, natural cleaners, in the bathroom. This cuts back on toxins in my home. Grove Collaborative is a great way to get started with nontoxic cleaning products. You can use this link to get a free gift with your first purchase. When I first signed up I was able to stock my house with $40 worth of cleaning products for only $20. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Set A Timer


If you are a newbie and don’t believe that you can clean your bathroom in 15 minutes or less then test your skills with a timer.


Set it for 15 minutes and get to work.


I can do my bathroom in 10 minutes. This includes the sink, the toilet, and the floors. I’ll explain why this does not include the shower later.


Clear Everything Out


Before you get started, take everything off of the surfaces and floors of the bathroom. This will allow you to move quickly through the room.


If you have rugs, now is the time to take them outside and shake them out.


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Quickly Dust


Before you spray any surfaces use one of those paper towels I told you to grab, and quickly dust the surfaces of the sink and toilet.


This will help with removing hair and dust. I find it harder to get wet hair off the sink.


This is why I suggest doing this before you spray anything down.


You Know the Drill


I think you know how to clean a sink and toilet so I’ll just give you some quick tips.


Put the toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet first so that it can sit while you are cleaning the sink.


Move as fast as you can, and use your favorite spray to wipe down the sink, countertop, and toilet.


Don’t forget the bottom and sides of the toilet. Lastly, use your scrub brush to scrub the toilet and you’re almost done!


Toilet Brush


I use a round scrub brush that stays in a holder in the bathroom. I use to use the Clorox Toilet Wand that has disposable scrub brushes.


This thing was great, but I had to keep up with buying refills so I switched back to a basic scrub brush.


The downside of these brushes is they can hold a lot of gross bacteria that we don’t really want to talk about. There are two ways you can keep your toilet brush clean. 


The first way is to pour some disinfectant cleaner in the bowl that it stays in. Change this out every time you clean the bathroom.


Second, after you scrub the toilet, flush the toilet and rinse the brush off with the clean water flowing from the toilet.


Then, rest the brush on the toilet and set the toilet seat down. This will allow it to dry while you clean the rest of the bathroom.


You can also spray down the brush with disinfectant while it is resting on the toilet seat.


keep your bathroom clean with this toilet scrub brush trick and other helpful tips


Bathroom Floors


You have two choices when it comes to cleaning the bathroom floors. You can wait and clean the floors or you can do them now.


If you follow my weekly cleaning routine you will be vacuuming on Thursday and mopping on Friday.


This can include the bathroom floors OR you can clean them while you are cleaning the bathroom on Tuesday.


I prefer to get the whole bathroom done at once so I do the bathroom floors on Tuesday.


Get the broom and spray mop and get the floors done as quick as you can. If you do this once a week then the mess on the floors will be minimal.


Bathroom Mirrors

I have a very small mirror in my bathroom so I give it a quick spray with my DIY glass cleaner and wipe it down with a paper towel.


This literally takes 30 seconds.  


For larger mirrors, you can spot clean your mirrors and only give them a good wipe down every other week.


keep your bathroom clean with this diy glass cleaner


Put the Bathroom Back Together


Make sure you empty the trash and replace the trash bag. Then put out a new hand towel.


Finish up by putting the rugs back on the floor and make sure everything else gets back in its place.


That is my whole bathroom cleaning routine!


I can do one bathroom in less than ten minutes! It might take you more time at first, but you’ll learn how to move quickly. You might need to give your bathroom a good deep clean before you are able to do this in just 15 minutes a week.


A weekly routine will keep your bathroom clean and keep you from spending hours scrubbing on your hands and knees.


A deep clean will be necessary every once in a while, but this will now be a rare occasion.


The Shower and Tub???


Wait I forgot about the shower!! Actually, I left this out on purpose.


Get yourself this OXO scrub brush, fill it up with a cleaner, keep it in your shower, and clean while you are taking a shower.


I’ve used other scrub brushes that end up falling apart or leaking the cleaner while I’m not using it. The OXO scrub brush continues to be my favorite because of how durable it is.


Plus, it’s way more sanitary than a sponge.


keep your bathroom clean by keeping a scrub brush in the shower to clean while you take a shower.


I fill my scrub brush up with water, vinegar, and my favorite dish soap. You can also fill this with the same cleaner you used on the rest of the bathroom.


Hang this in the shower and then on Tuesday, when you take a shower, scrub down the whole tub.


Again, you may need to give the shower a deep clean before this will really work for you.


For other bathrooms that you don’t shower in, you can teach your kids to scrub down their own shower.


Or maybe you’ll decide its worth it to shower in another bathroom once a week. 😉


Multi-Task to Save Even More Time


The last tip that I have to help you keep your bathroom clean in less than 15 minutes a week, is to clean while your kiddos are taking a bath. (If you don’t have kids, then you can skip this tip.)


Instead of sitting around while your little one is playing in the bathtub, take that time to clean up the bathroom.


This is another reason why I like to have household cleaners made with natural ingredients. I can clean my bathroom while my daughter takes a bath and not worry about her breathing in bleach or other harsh chemicals.


Don’t forget to check out Grove Collaborative and get stocked up on your natural cleaners. Grab your printable weekly cleaning checklist (below) and be on your way to the cleanest bathrooms with the least amount of work put into them.


Need More Help?


If you are still feeling extremely overwhelmed by the mess in your home, then I recommend having a look around my site. I can help you come up with systems and routines that will make homemaking so much easier for you.


I will always recommend two main things to get you started. Declutter your entire home and start a cleaning routine.


If you want to know more about my cleaning routines. I suggest checking out my free printables library. I have made multiple checklist and printables that you can print out and use to help you build these daily habits. You also get a copy of my Ebook – Simplify Your Life With a Cleaning Routine. This book will help you design your own cleaning routine.


If clutter is your problem. I suggest either my 3-day challenge or my Declutter Handbook.


3-day challenge – Declutter Your Bedroom in 3 Days.


Declutter Guide – Declutter Your Whole House In Your Own Time.


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Thanks for stopping by! Come back anytime. ?



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Keep Your Bathroom Clean in Less Than 15 Minutes a Week


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