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Weekly Cleaning Routines



I’m going to start off by being completely honest; You need a weekly cleaning routine.


If you don’t have one, don’t feel bad, you can get by without it, but you are seriously missing out.


I didn’t have a weekly cleaning routine until a few months ago, and to say it changed my life would be a bit dramatic, but it has really upped my productivity and changed the way my house looks.


My weekly cleaning routine, along with my daily cleaning routine, and a bunch of decluttering, have made my house a much more enjoyable place to spend my time.


I started this at a point when my life got super hectic. I was working full time and coaching. The only thing that kept my house from being out of control was a simple cleaning routine.



Taking on a cleaning routine made housework a lot less daunting. 

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weekly cleaning routine with free printable checklist

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Making Your Own Weekly Cleaning Routine


You’re routine doesn’t have to be huge and elaborate. A small amount of cleaning each day will help you stay on top of things and then you won’t be spending hours and hours cleaning on the weekend.


Plus, if you have a routine, it’s not that big of a deal if you miss a day.


Going one week without mopping is much better than going a month without mopping.


First, make a list of all the chores you want to get done in a week.


Here are some examples:

  • vacuum


  • dust


  • laundry


  • mop


  • clean bathrooms


  • mirrors/windows


  • refrigerator/pantry


Then, take that list and separate the chores into different days.


Once I wrote down my list,  I was able to make a weekly cleaning checklist. The checklist gave me something concrete to look at, which motivated me to get things done.  


Assess your checklist and make sure it is doable. 


Don’t have too much in one day. For example, I do bathrooms on Wednesday and that’s it! (Well except for your day to day chores like the dishes.)


This is very doable and keeps the bathrooms clean without me feeling overworked.



It takes 10 minutes to clean the bathroom each week and keeps me from having to spend a ton of time scrubbing hard to get stains out.



Weekly Cleaning Routine | Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Weekly Cleaning Routine Example and Tips

Get your printable checklist below.


Monday – Dust Everything


Dust all surfaces starting from top to bottom. This is why I think it’s better to have less “stuff” in your house… less to dust. 😉


Have your supplies and work quickly.


I just use my favorite spray and a microfiber cloth. If I am short for time I skip a room, but I never skip the rooms we spend the most time in.


When I have extra time or am feeling really motivated I spend time dusting EVERYTHING in one room. For examples, the blinds, under the bed, etc.


Tuesday – Vacuum Day!


I actually vacuum every day so this is not a huge task for me.


When you have two large dogs, vacuuming every day is one of my best tips for keeping a clean home when you have dogs.


Anyway, I make sure I vacuum the whole house on Tuesdays and usually just do the living room, including the couches, each morning.


I use the Shark Navigator to get the job done and it does a great job of keeping up with the dog hair.


Wednesday – Mopping Day


You might need to do a quick sweep before you do this, but the floors should be pretty good from the day before.


There are all hard floors in my house so this is a big job for me.


I use a squirt mop and my favorite cleaner and try to work as quickly as possible. I do not mop the bathroom floor. That chore is saved for Bathrooms day!


Thursday – Bathrooms Day


Wipe down all surfaces, clean the toilet, the mirrors, sweep, and mop.


You can choose to clean the shower and tub or you can do what I do.


I keep a scrub brush in my shower like you would use in the kitchen and scrub things down while I’m in the shower.


I fill it with my favorite bathroom cleaner and try to do this once a week.


Friday – Kitchen Refrigerator and Pantry Day


This is to prepare for the grocery shopping that will happen the next day. I clean out all expired food and leftovers that did not get eaten.


When you have extra time take all the food out and wipe down the surfaces.


Saturday Day – Meal Plan and Grocery Shop


Use Saturday’s to meal plan and grocery shop. Use my tips to save time and money at the grocery store.


Sunday – Rest 


This is just one example. Analyze your days and arrange them to fit your lifestyle. The examples in my printables are different than this one so that you can see some other options that might work better for you.


Need More Help?


I made a Weekly Cleaning Checklist for you! There are two variations that you can choose from.


I also have a whole book that goes into great detail about making your own cleaning routine!


Yep, I feel so passionate about the benefits of a cleaning routine that I wrote a whole book about it. Plus, it’s free!


You can get a copy of the book with my cleaning routine checklist, below.

I also have a daily cleaning routine. You can check that out here.


Keep in mind, that no one is perfect and I don’t know anyone who has a clean home all the time. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time and that is OKAY!


I hope my routine is helpful to you and encourages you to get into a regular routine.

Grab Your Weekly Cleaning Checklist

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