17 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time

Kitchen Cleaning Tips, Tricks, and Hacks


Your kitchen is the heart of the home. It seems to make or break whether or not our homes look clean. It also seems to be the room we spend the most time cleaning. That is why I have developed kitchen cleaning hacks that make cleaning up a breeze. 


Well, with some work, some new habits, and a few new gadgets, you can have a consistently clean kitchen. I say consistently because thinking you can always have a clean kitchen is just crazy talk. But it can be clean most of the time.


My kitchen cleaning tips will help you keep the kitchen clean and keep you from spending all day keeping it that way. 


Here Are My 17 Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Will Save You Time


kitchen cleaning hacks

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#1 Have A Clutter-Free Kitchen 


My number one piece of advice for keeping a space clean will always be to get rid of things you aren’t using.


Decluttering the kitchen is the best way to keep your kitchen clean.


Clutter will naturally build up in this space, so the fewer items that call your kitchen their “home”, the better.


#2 Clean Your Kitchen Everyday


Have a daily cleaning routine and make your kitchen part of it. Clean the kitchen every morning and every evening. I don’t mean a deep clean, that would be way too time-consuming.


Take 10 minutes every morning and every evening to clean up dishes and wipe down surfaces.


These 20 minutes each day will make a huge difference for you. This is the only way to keep the kitchen clean daily. 


Every night, I load and run the dishwasher. If I had to pick one habit it would be this one. This one habit has really made a huge difference in my home. 


Then every morning I unload the dishwasher and clean up after breakfast. Make a habit of doing this, too, and you will love how your kitchen looks.


#3 Use The Right Scrub Brush


I have a scrub brush that holds the soap and this has been so helpful! It allows me to give the dishes a quick wash over before putting them in the dishwasher.



This specific brush from OXO works better than any other brush I have tried. Don’t waste your money on the cheap ones. These last forever and are great for any cleanup job.


I even use these in the shower to help me clean the bathrooms in less than 15 minutes a week!


Trust me, I tried many before landing on this one and now I continue to order refill scrubbers for this one, on a regular basis. If I’m behind I on getting refills I can just run the brush head through the dishwasher and it’s like new. 


#4 Clean Your Oven Quickly


Clean the oven in less 30 minutes. Use this method and you will be able to see through the glass again within 5 minutes.


You can always use the self-cleaning option to clean the inside of your oven. But let’s face it, that takes forever, stinks up and warms up the house. 


With the right sponge and DIY cleaning mixture you can quickly clean your oven, even the oven glass door in no time! Click that link to read all the steps on how to do so. 


#5 Use A Cleaning Checklist


I also use a daily cleaning checklist to help me stay on track with kitchen chores and other chores around the house. 


You can grab one for yourself in the free printables library.


printable checklist to keep you on track with your daily cleaning routine


#6 Get a Microwave Plate Cover


I have a microwave plate cover that I keep in my microwave.


It has magnets on top so that it can stick to the top of the microwave when it is not in use.


Then, when you need to heat something up, just take it down, place it over the plate and it keeps the food from splattering everywhere.


You can also wash this plate cover in the dishwasher.


use a microwave plate cover to help keep your microwave clean


#7 The Best Way To Clean Your Microwave 


You are bound to get gunk on the walls of the microwave at some point, even if you are using a plate cover. Do your best to wipe them out right away.


However, I know this will not always happen and you will be stuck scrubbing caked-on food out of the microwave.


Here is the solution:

  • fill a bowl with one part water and one part lemon juice (vinegar if you don’t have lemon juice)
  • turn the microwave on for 5 minutes
  • take the bowel out and wipe the microwave clean


#8 Get A Spray Mop 


As part of my weekly cleaning routine, I sweep the floors in my house every Thursday and mop them every Friday.


This includes the kitchen floors. For me, this is enough, but I do have dogs that help me clean up little spills as we go.


If food is being dropped on your floors more than once a week then make sure you do some spot cleanups as needed.


The best tools for cleaning my kitchen floor are a good old-fashioned broom and my spray mop.


This spray mop by O-Cedar is awesome. It makes mopping your floor take no time at all.



The particular one that I use is refillable and you can change out the mop pads. I fill this up with some hot water, vinegar, and dish soap when cleaning the kitchen floors.


When I’m done I just throw the mop pad into the washer.


I also have a few extra mop pads on hand. Overall, this mop is super convenient.


#9 Smelly Kitchen Sink Hacks


Scrubbing your kitchen sink with your OXO scrub brush will help keep the sink clean and smelling nice. Do this every night when you are cleaning up the dishes.


However, sometimes we need a quick fix.


Take lemon essential oil and drop a few drops down the drain.


Your whole kitchen will be smelling fresh instantly.


drop lemon essential oil down your sink drain to keep your kitchen smelling fresh


#10 Avoid a Crusty Stove Top


It’s pretty much inevitable that I’m going to spill something while I’m cooking on the stovetop. In my mind, you can either clean this up right away or let it sit and clean it up later.


When you clean it up right away, it will wipe up easily.


When you wait, it will be caked on, and now you have to scrub. Even if you can’t get to it right away, at least do it right after dinner.


I often just grab a washcloth, run it under some hot water, and use that to wipe down the top of the stove as soon as dinner is over. 


#11  It’s Too Late And Your Glass Stove Top Is A Mess


At this point, you need some cleaner and some good ‘ol elbow grease. These Scotch-Brite Glass Cook Top Pads are great to have on hand.




As well as this Weiman Cook Top Cleaner Kit




#12 Clean Up Trash Faster


This kitchen cleaning tip has been passed down through my family. I’ve even seen Rachel Ray do it!


During the cooking process, there always seems to be a lot to throw away. I’ve either got egg shells, onion skins, or a paper towel to throw away.


Instead of going to the trash can a bunch of times, have a plastic grocery sack or bowl that you can put all of the trash in.


This way you only have to make one trip to the trash can. It will save you a lot of time and encourage you to clean up more as you go.


#13 How to Dispose of Grease


This tip may seem a bit random, but I have to mention it because it’s such a great idea. For a long time, I didn’t know what to do with our bacon grease.


My mom used to pour it in an empty coffee can, but we’ve never had one of those. We’ve always used K – cups.


Then, my husband came up with this idea of putting foil in a bowl and then pouring the grease into the foil-lined bowl.


Once the grease has hardened you can throw it in the trash, or even store it for cooking later. Genius! 


use a bowl lined with foil to put your bacon grease in


#14 Cleaning Up As You Go Saves Time


This kitchen cleaning tip may seem obvious to some, but I see a lot of people who do not do this.


Instead of watching the food cook, start cleaning up a bit. Let’s say I chopped a bunch of veggies and now I’m waiting for them to cook up before putting the chicken on the grill.


Instead of just standing around this is the perfect time for me to put the knife and cutting board in the dishwasher.


#15 The Best Cleaner For Your Stainless Steel 


Don’t use a multiple purpose spray on your stainless steel appliances or on the glass of your stove.


It will only make it more smeared and have you taking the time to clean it again.


There are plenty of cleaners specifically made for stainless steel or you can use a homemade glass cleaner.


Do it yourself natural glass cleaner. The best natural glass cleaner. DIY Windex.


#16 Use A Nonstick Oven Liner


Use a nonstick oven liner in the bottom of your oven.


I got this as a gift for my wedding and had no idea what it was. I thought the lady who got it for me was crazy. Boy, was I wrong.


This was a genius gift idea for a newlywed and new homeowner. Oven spills are bound to happen when you are baking.


Then you are stuck with having to crawl in there and scrub the mess out of the oven, but not if you have an oven liner.


Put the oven liner in the bottom of your oven. Spills will land on the liner and then you just take it out and wash it off. It’s even dishwasher safe!


keep your oven clean by putting an oven liner on the bottom


#17 The Fastest Way To Clean A Smelly Dishwasher


It’s not often that you think about cleaning your dishwasher but it does need to be done from time to time. Use the link to read all the details about how to quickly clean your dishwasher and your dishwasher filter


How to clean a dishwasher filter. #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks


Happy Cleaning


Use these kitchen cleaning tips and everyone will think you spend hours a day cleaning.


Take the time you could have spent scrubbing your oven and spend some meaningful time with your family.


Kitchen Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time


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