Simple Bedroom Organization Ideas

Small Bedroom Organization Ideas


Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation. It’s hard to do that in an unorganized room. That is why I put together these 23 super simple bedroom organization ideas.


I live in a smaller house, which means a small bedroom with a small closet. My bedroom furniture is old and clunky. I got it for a steal of a deal before I was married and before I even knew what my style was.


Well, I wasn’t thinking about the size of the bedroom in my first home. This furniture takes up A LOT of room. Since we are family who lives on a tight budget and practices being grateful with what we have… the furniture stays. This means I’ve had to get super creative with the organization and have decluttered a ton.


Routines and Systems Are Key to an Organized Bedroom


I’ve put a bunch of systems in place to keep my bedroom in shape. These routines plus some organizational items are what keeps my bedroom a clean, restful place to be. 


I’ve kept things simple so that you can use these routines and access these organizational items with ease. 


I want your bedroom to be a peaceful and restful place too. I don’t want your eye twitching every time you enter your room. I want you to be able to just lay down and relax.


Let’s jump into this list of super simple bedroom organization ideas.


small bedroom organization ideas

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Part 1 – Bedroom Organization Ideas – Building Habits


#1 Declutter Declutter Declutter


You shouldn’t be surprised that this would be the first thing I would mention. I don’t think I can ever mention organizing without first suggesting that you declutter. Seriously, why organize a bunch of clutter?!


I guarantee there is a lot of things in your bedroom that you don’t need. Get rid of that clutter. I even made it easy for you. I designed a 3-day course (its free) that you can sign up for.


So if your bedroom is a TOTAL mess then sign up for the 3 Day Challenge – Declutter Your Bedroom in 3 Days, and be on your way to an organized bedroom, that will stay organized.


#2 Tidy Up As You Go


I often change my clothes and throw the old outfit straight on the floor. I have this weird thing about not wanting it to be put in the dirty clothes if I don’t feel like it’s really that dirty.


So what ends up happening is, it sits on the bedroom floor. Then I do the same thing the next day and the pile continues to grow.


I know I’m not alone on this.


You have to force yourself to change these types of habit.


Now, I make myself put the majority of my clothes straight into the hamper. If I am debating whether I really wore it long enough, I ask myself, “Is this clean enough to go back with my other clothes.” This tells me whether or not I should throw it in the hamper or hang it back up in the closet.


Clean things up right away, don’t leave them for later. Force yourself to do this every day so it can eventually become a habit.


#3 Include Your Bedroom In Your Cleaning Routine


I have a weekly cleaning routine and I make sure to include my bedroom in all of the weekly tasks.


For example, I dust every Wednesday. This includes the furniture in my bedroom. I have found this also helps me clean off the surfaces.


If the dresser has gotten too cluttered, Dusting Day is when I put everything back in its place.


#4 Do Laundry Often


Dirty laundry and clothes thrown about can quickly make your bedroom chaotic. I try to do one load of laundry every day. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s at least on my radar.


I throw a load in each morning and make sure it’s put away before I go to bed. When I wasn’t working in my home, I put the washed load in the dryer right as I got home from work.


Doing laundry often, means small loads that are easy to deal with. It’s definitely a great way to keep your bedroom organized.


#5 Get Rid of Your Decorative Pillows


Some of you won’t be able to handle this. I know you love your decorative pillows. Let me explain why I got rid of mine and then you can decide if you want to keep yours or not.


It takes me 15 seconds to make the bed with no throw pillows. I pull up the sheet, comforter, and put our pillows back in place. We each have two pillows that we sleep with. It seriously takes no time at all. I like to keep it simple.


When I had throw pillow I usually didn’t make the bed and the throw pillows were always on the floor. 


If you love your throw pillows and the way it makes your bedroom look then feel free to skip #5. 😉


Part 2 Bedroom Organization Ideas- Tools and Storage Solutions


#6 Pretty Organization Is Always Motivating


I encourage you to only keep on your dresser, what you love and truly use. 


What better way to organize your favorite items than with this gorgeous makeup organizer?!


organize your makeup with this makeupholder

#7 Keep Under the Bed Storage Simple


I think we all use the space under the bed as storage. It’s a wise idea, especially if you are looking for small bedroom organization ideas.


However, if you are like me you have lost things under the bed because it’s difficult to get them out. You can step it up a notch by using storage that not only pulls out but can roll out as well. Isn’t this storage trunk beautiful?

#8 Unique and Functional Bedside Table


I saw this idea where someone was using one of these utility carts as their bedside table. I thought it was very cute and super functional.


It provides a lot more room for keeping books, remotes, electronics, and everything else that piles up beside our bed. Plus, I like the unique look.

craft cart for bedroom organization

#9 Corner Hanging Shelves to Save Space


Corner shelves are a great way to utilize space that isn’t being used. Use this modern shelf to organize books, your essential oils, and other odds and ins that you keep in your bedroom.

hanging shelves to organize small bedroom


#10 Save Room On Your Bedside By Using a Bed Caddy


Tuck this bedside caddy under your mattress and give yourself some extra space on your nightstand. This is perfect for holding the remote and the book that you are currently reading.


#11 Wire Baskets for Extra Sheets


Using these stylish wire baskets is a great way to organize extra sheets and linens. I think it looks so cute when closet shelves are organized with wire baskets. Using a basket helps keep the sheets folded and makes the space a lot tidier.

#12 Clear Storage Motivates You To Keep Things Organized


When you use clear storage you know that everyone can see what’s in there. This will motivate you to only keep and organize what you love. Plus, it looks really pretty.


This clear makeup case is also perfect for storing your favorite glasses and jewelry.



#13 Woven Baskets for Hats, Gloves, etc.


I love these woven baskets for all sorts of bedroom organization ideas. They are especially perfect for holding hats, gloves, scarves, and other odds and ins in your closet.



#14 Store Accessories Inside Your Drawers


Once you declutter your dresser drawers, you will have extra space to store all of those items that have been laying out on top of your dresser. These accessory organizers are great for storing various objects. such as rings and bracelets.



#15 Drawer Sectionals = Less Folding


I am all about keeping things simple and saving time. That means you don’t need to fold every piece of laundry.


Get one of these drawer organizers and just shove your underwear, socks, etc. into an individual spot. If you there isn’t enough spots for each of your items then you may need to go back to #1 and try decluttering again.



#16 Pretty Boxes for Sentimentals


It seems like the top of our bedroom closets are often used for storing sentimental items. After you declutter some sentimental items you should consider getting some pretty boxes to store them in.


These boxes are very cute and are perfect for storing your most loved objects. They will look great in your closet or on display on a shelf in your bedroom.



#16 Custom Closet Organizer for Basic Closets


When you buy an older home it usually comes with smaller closets with one rod across the top. At least that was the case with our house. These custom closet organizers are perfect for those basic closets that need more storage space and room for organizing.



#17 Expandable Drawer Organizers for Custom Organization


If you aren’t into the drawer organizer options that I listed above, these expandable drawer organizers will be perfect for you. They let you split your drawers into whatever sized sections that you want, providing you with custom bedroom organization.



#18 Save Space with Multi-Purpose Pants Hangers


If you like to hang up your jeans or own a lot of slacks, these multi-purpose pants hangers are exactly what you need. They will help you save so much room in your closet.



#19 Store Seasonal Items or Kids Clothes in Vacuum Storage Bags


I think these bags work great for storing kids clothes. I have tons of storage bins downstairs full of my daughter’s clothes.  The boxes take up so much room.  I am keeping them just in case we have another daughter in the future.


These space saver bags allow you to store even more. Using these space savers would give me double the space.



#20 Better Shoe Organization


Once again remember to utilize the space under your bed. It’s a great place to store seasonal shoes that you aren’t needing to pull out every day. I find this rolling shoe storage easier to use than any other under the bed shoe storage. I also find that those handing shoe organizers take up a lot of room in my closet.



#21 A HeadBoard with Built-In Shelves


Having built-in storage is always a great way to keep your bedroom organized. This headboard is the perfect example. You wouldn’t even need a nightstand. This would save you so much space.



#22 A Night Stand For Beds Up Against the Wall


If you keep one side of your bed against the wall, a skinny shelf like this might be just what you need. You may not have room for a nightstand, but you can hang this skinny, floating shelf, and still have space for your cell phone and your favorite book.

#23 Cute Basket For Extra Blankets


A cute basket for extra blankets, in any room of the house, in a good idea. This stylish basket will make it easy for you to grab the blanket when you want to cuddle up, and easy to toss back when you’re done.


Happy Organizing!:)

I hope you find at least one of these ideas helpful. If you need even more help decluttering and getting the mess under control. Check out my Declutter Guide: Declutter Your Whole House In Your Own Time. 

declutter handbook - declutter your whole house


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Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

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