Cleaning Supplies Every Mom Needs

This is the ultimate list of cleaning supplies every mom needs. You already probably have a caddy or even a closet full of cleaning items, but it’s worth taking a look to make sure you are prepared for absolutely any situation.


Like most moms, you’ve likely handled the unfortunate situation where a child gets sick on the brand new carpet—just when you ran out of baking soda. That is the absolute worst!


Incidents happen that leave us scouring the internet on how to clean up and exactly what items we need to keep our home in clean, orderly shape.


With this one list, you will be prepared for any situation, and if you group together things in an orderly fashion, you will also have everything in one easy-to-find place.


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The Ultimate List of Cleaning Supplies Every Mom Needs


If you build yourself an emergency cleaning kit, you won’t need to worry about how to handle any cleaning needs that come your way.


You may need to spend a little extra money to stock your supplies up the first time you create your kit. You just have to remember to replenish it, and you will be able to take care of your home and family’s needs.


Here is everything you need to keep on-hand for any cleaning need.


Spare Toothbrush


You may be wondering why I would add an extra toothbrush to this list of cleaning supplies every mom needs, but trust me—it’s an asset. You can clean grout, in window seals, and even shoes!


You just may figure out using a toothbrush is one of the best cleaning tools you can find. Plus, they are super affordable, especially if you use a toothbrush that was previously used for your teeth.


Baking Soda


When it comes to affordable and effective, it’s difficult to find a supply more effective than baking soda…especially when paired with vinegar.


There are so many uses for baking soda. As I mentioned earlier, it’s your best friend when you need to deodorize the carpet after it’s been thrown up on. You can also refresh toilets, sinks, and tubs easily.


OXO Refillable Scrub Brush


If you haven’t used one of these scrub brushes yet, now is the time. It is fantastic and cleans beautifully. It’s one of my favorite tools to use in the kitchen, but you could also buy a separate one to use in the bathroom as well.


Paper Towels


I am all for saving the environment, and most of the time, I will often use a microfiber cloth for most cleaning.


However, there are times when you don’t want to keep the germs around any longer than I have to, and it’s just best to throw it all away. Always have a stash of paper towels in case you need them. You will thank yourself later.


Spray Mop


I love using a spray mop because you don’t have to lug around a bucket with water splashing all over the place.


You can quickly fill the mop with whatever cleaner you like and clean until your heart is content. Here is the mop and the cleaner I highly recommend.


When it comes to cleaning, this is a must-have tool in my eyes.


Broom and Dustpan


Many people vacuum the entire house and feel like they don’t need a broom. Really, you need both.


Having a great quality broom is half the battle when it comes to sweeping. You want one with firm bristles and a dustpan that easily fits in your hands. It’s much easier to grab the broom for a quick clean up then getting out the vacuum. 


Trust me, you will use the broom and dustpan much more often than you might think.




Roombas are expensive, but if you have room in your budget, it’s so worth getting one. My little robot vacuum helps me keep up with dog hair. 


Imagine leaving to run to the grocery store and coming back to a freshly vacuumed living room. 


However, it can become a bother when it gets into the bedrooms and gets stuck under beds and dressers. I tend to clothes the bedroom doors when it’s running, especially when toys are out and about. 


It also can miss the occasional spot so when you have dogs or other animals a regular vacuum is necessary as well. 



Even if you have a robot vacuum, it’s important to have a great quality regular vacuum too, particularly if you have a pet who sheds—by the way, here is the best vacuum for pet hair.


I use my vacuum once a week for the whole house and each day to clean up dirt and dog hair from the living room. 


Rubber Gloves


There are just some things that your hands should not touch…ever! If you have some rubber gloves on hand, you can simply slip them on and get down to business on whatever job awaits you.


Microfiber Cloths


These cloths are the best at cleaning up dust and hair. Everything just sticks to them, and it makes cleaning so much easier.


If you don’t have some, I highly recommend having a few around. Especially if you have pets in the home. They can clean dog hair off the floor, couch, or anything else.


Sponges & Magic Erasers


It’s important to have both sponges and magic erasers. They both have a time and a place, and you never know which one you might need first.


These are for sure one of the best cleaning supplies that every mom needs. 




Cleaning Products


You will need to keep dish soap, floor cleaner, baking soda, multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, vinegar, bathroom cleaner, and any other cleaning supplies you like to use. 


I like to use as few different products as I can. I make my own or order them from Grove Collaborative. >>>you can get some free product with that link




Whether you use a handheld glove type duster, feather duster, or a regular one, you will want to keep one on hand.


I have one duster with washable dusting heads. I either use that or a microfiber cloth. 


Trash Bags


Keeping extra trash bags on hand is so important. I don’t want to see the day when I don’t have a trash bag because it’s such a necessity and makes my daily cleaning routine simple.


I buy these in bulk from Sam’s club to save money. Plus, I keep all my plastic grocery bags to use as trash bags in the bathroom. 


As you can see, it is simple to put together the cleaning supplies every mom needs and have them at the ready.


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