Date Night On a Budget

Date Night Ideas For Couples When You Are Broke


Going on dates with your significant other is not only fun but it is also important.  The fact is, when you have been together for a while, it is easy to put each other on the back burner when life gets busy and finances get tight. That’s why you need date night on a budget. 


It is far too stressful and not fun at all to try and go out when you know that you should be spending your money on bills or things you are saving for.  


But guess what?!… you don’t have to spend money to go on a date!


That’s right! There are tons of things that you can do for date night even when money is tight. 


date night on a budget

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Cheap Date Night Ideas At Home


At Home Movie Night 


No need to head to the theater!  Wait until the kids go to bed, pick out a good movie (or binge-worthy TV show), pop some popcorn, grab some other snacks, and cuddle up!


Movies at home can be more romantic than movies in the theater, plus it’s a LOT cheaper. Two people can easily spend $50 or more at the theater and I don’t know about you, but I would rather wait until the movie comes out than spend that kind of cash.


Game Night


Do you like games?  If so, why not have a date night of game playing?  That can be video games or board games. Whatever types of games you are into can easily become a fun date night.  


I didn’t use to be into games but my husband is. He finds really unique ones that are a lot more fun to play than old card games! Our favorite game is Code Names. 


Lay Out and Look at the Stars


Once it gets dark, head outside with a blanket.  Lay down and look at the stars together. Stay silent or talk, it doesn’t matter, but stargazing is an awesome way to spend your time and you won’t spend a dime!


Plus, screen-free dates tend to lead to more conversation and more bonding. 


Get Creative


The first time my husband and I hung out we tie-dyed shirts and socks together. It’s one of my best memories. We went to the store together, bought the supplies, and went back to his place to tie-dye shirts and socks. I still wear these socks today! 


It gave us the chance to get to know each other without the pressure of a fancy restaurant or movie where you can’t even talk. 


Obviously, something like this isn’t free but you can do it for super cheap and make a great memory. 


Go for a Walk


Go for a walk while holding hands.  Not only will you be getting some healthy fresh air, but you will be getting exercise together as well! 


Plus, the peace of nature is second to none. You will both find yourself quite refreshed after a walk outside together.


You can head outside for a walk around your neighborhood, or you can search out a local, simple hiking trail near you. 


Many parks offer lots of walking trails. Changing up your walking spot is a good way to keep this date idea fresh and fun.


Date Night Out On A Budget


$5 Movie Night


There is still a way to enjoy a night out at the theater!  Find a second-run theater to go to for your date. You will often find movies at these theaters are just $2-$4 each and sometimes you can even find coupons to make them cheaper than that! 


These theaters don’t play brand new movies, but they are typically movies that have been released within the last year or so.


Or… if you want to see a new movie the AMC Theatre near us has $5 dollar Tuesday’s. If you can swing a babysitter and a midweek movie… go for it!


Go For A Drive


Drive around in the car and listen to your favorite tunes. Stop somewhere and get some ice cream if it’s in the budget. Then drive around visiting all the special places from your past… where you met, where you got married, your first house, etc. 


It’s a fun way to get out of the house and spend some time together. 


Use Groupon and Living Social


Sign up for Groupon and Living Social and keep your eyes peeled for coupons at great restaurants and activities in your area. This will still require some cash but it will be a nice date at a cheaper price. 


Date Night Gifts


Don’t be afraid to make it know that you would enjoy experience type gifts for your birthday or Christmas. 


We have been gifted multiple date nights in the past couple of year and it has been so much better than receiving a random item I may or may not use. 


The experience and time with my husband have been the best that could be given to us. 


Date Night Is About Time


Ultimately, date night is about spending some quality time together. Not about the activity itself. It doesn’t matter what you do! Fancy dinners and movies are fun and I’m all about them when you can, but quality, uninterrupted time is what’s most important here.


Invest your time in the people you love. 🙂


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