15 Rustic DIY Fall Decor Ideas

Fall might just be my favorite season to decorate for. The smells and natural look to fall decor is what makes me enjoy it so much.  Which is why I wanted to put together a list of amazing and easy to do DIY fall décor projects that I love and you’re sure to love too.


I all about keeping it simple, keeping in minimal, and staying frugal. These DIY fall decor ideas fit all of those specifications. 




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Cinnamon Broom Fall Garland


No smell says Fall better than cinnamon and this cinnamon broom fall garland from Mom Foodie is a great way to infuse your home with the sweet scent in a way that looks amazing.


Photo from Mom Foodie


Materials Need:

  • Cafe Lights
  • Cinnamon broom – You can find these for a decent price at a local craft store or I’ve even seen them at Aldi, in the fall, for pretty cheap
  • Wired gold or burlap ribbon
  • Twine
  • Fall flowers, pine cones, and acorns
  • Glue gun and hot glue


Recycled Succulent Planter


Succulents look amazing all year long and are extremely easy to care for, making them the perfect indoor décor to dress up with burlap and lace, like these recycled succulent planters from Creative Green Living.


Photo by Creative Green Living


Materials Needed:


Mason Jar Centerpieces


A mason jar filled with sunflowers and wrapped with ribbon make gorgeous fall centerpieces. This one from Crafts by Amanda might just be my favorite.


Photo by Crafts by Amanda


Materials Needed:


Wooden Mason Jar


This wooden mason jar from Create and Babble can easily be dressed up for any season and has a great inspirational quote to hang on your wall.


Photo by Crate and Babble


Materials needed are more intense, including such things a saw. Be sure to check out the link I provided for full details on this project. 


Burlap Sack Wall Art


Few things say, Fall, to me more than burlap, which is why a hanging burlap sack like this one from One Thousand Oaks might just be the perfect fall décor.


Photo by One Thousand Oaks


Materials Needed:


Burlap Wreath


Following on the burlap theme for a moment, Crafts by Amanda teaches us how to make this gorgeous burlap wreath that belongs on every door in fall.


Photo by Crafts by Amanda


Materials Needed:


Fall Tealight Candle Holders


I love being able to reuse things around the house when I can and these Fall tealight candle holders from Atta Girl Says are the perfect way to reuse old glass jars and give them a little spice for the season.


Photo by Atta Girl Says


Materials Needed:


Budget-Friendly Fall Tablescape


Using some thrift store finds and some dollar store deals you can put together a gorgeous rustic fall tablescape like this one from Making Manzanita.


Photo by Making Manzanita


Pallet Pumpkins


There’s a soft spot in my heart for DIY projects that reuse old pallets like these adorable pallet pumpkins from The Handyman’s Daughter, they’re just so much fun and so creative!


Photo by The Handyman’s Daughter


Stenciled Autumn Pillow


A good throw pillow is sometimes all you need to completely change the feel of a room, which is why I love these stenciled autumn pillows from Burton Avenue.


Photo by Burton Avenue


Materials Needed:

  • cut file from Burton Avenue’s resource library
  • and a whole list of things listed on her blog


Fall Sunflower Wreath


If you want what may be the easiest fall décor DIY you’ll ever come across you need to check out the fall sunflower wreath from Our Happily Ever Home. It’s so simple and yet looks so sophisticated.


Photo by Our Happily Ever Home


Materials Needed:


Embroidery Hoop Pumpkins


If you have some old embroidery hoops laying around you can make an adorable, very minimalist looking rustic pumpkin. If you don’t have any, try your local thrift stores before you go buy new ones. These embroidery hoop pumpkins from Dukes & Duchesses is so easy to do you’ll wonder why you didn’t come up with it yourself.


Photo by Dukes & Duchesses


Materials Needed: 


Mason Jar Ring Pumpkins


Here’s a similar idea to the embroidery hoop pumpkins, except this time you’re using the metal ring from mason jars. These mason jar ring pumpkins from Happy Mothering make a great whimsical centerpiece.


Photo by Happy Mothering


Materials Need:

  • mason jar lids
  • cinnamon sticks
  • orange paint
  • string


Pumpkin Flower Centerpiece


Get some seasonal fall flowers and put them in a pumpkin, it doesn’t really get any easier than that does it? You can use real pumpkins or fake ones in this DIY project from Ruffles and Rainboots.


Photo by Ruffles and Rainboots


Materials Needed:

  • real or fake pumpkin with the center cut out
  • flowers


Shabby Chic Wreath


Finishing off the list we have this gorgeous shabby chic wreath from Mission to Save that can be hung on a door, a wall, or used as a centerpiece.


shabby chic fall wreath
Photo by Mission to Save


Materials Needed:


I hope you enjoyed these ideas. I thought they were all lovely. Make sure you thank the original designer of these projects for their wonderful ideas. 🙂



Thank you so much for reading my ideas! If you enjoyed these ideas then stick around for a bit and check out my other DIY projects


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