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Easy Laundry Room Organization Ideas


These laundry room organization ideas are going to get your fired up about doing laundry. Laundry is something most of us hate, but something we can’t get away from. It’s there, it’s inevitable, it’s not going away.


So let’s do something about it. Instead of constantly being annoyed by it, let’s make it as positive of an experience as we can.


Before I Organized The Laundry Room


My laundry room is in the basement.


It’s freezing down there in the winter.


Going downstairs to change the laundry around is challenging with a toddler and was even more challenging with a baby.


I once had nowhere to store anything but on top to the washer and dryer.


Not only was the laundry area not ideal, but the whole basement was full of junk. I had one skinny path to walk to the laundry area.


Needless to say, I hated the laundry. It was always piled high. I always procrastinated and ended up spending the whole weekend doing laundry.


I Changed My Attitude About Laundry


Then one day, for some random reason, I started thinking about how I needed to be more thankful for what I had.


So every time I would start feeling negative about doing the laundry, I would tell myself, “at least you aren’t doing laundry in the river and hanging it out to dry.”


Seriously, I forced myself to say this… every time I was walking over piles of junk, in the cold basement, with my laundry basket in hand.


I Put Systems Into Place


Along with this mindset change, I took some serious measures towards organizing my laundry room and setting myself up for laundry success.


I set up some systems and some routines that made laundry easier for me and a little more enjoyable.


The next 15 laundry organization ideas are all things I have done or would love to do when I have the time, money, or space.


These small laundry room ideas can be adapted to any type of laundry room, big or small, or a cold dark basement.


laundry room organization ideas

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Part 1 – Laundry Room Organization Ideas – No Spending


Here are the best and most simple ways to organize your laundry room on a budget. These two tips are also important for small laundry room organization.


The smaller your space the more organized you need to be.


#1 Declutter, Declutter, Declutter


You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again. (If you are a regular reader you might be rolling your eyes at me… but I’ll never stop saying it).


Decluttering your space is the number one way to get organized. Declutter your laundry room and stop dreading going into that space.


Get rid of things that you aren’t using and that you don’t love. If you have been storing something in your laundry for over a year, and haven’t even touched it, then get it out of there.


I said earlier that my laundry room is in the basement. I also mentioned that the basement was so cluttered that I couldn’t even get to the laundry area.


The biggest change for me, when it came to organizing that laundry space, was decluttering the basement. It was a huge job but it had to be done. The results were totally worth it.


Decluttering the basement included designating a spot in the basement for only laundry related things.


I go through the story of how I decluttered my whole house and how you can too in my Declutter Handbook. Make sure you check that out if living a simplified life is something you are interested in.


Decluttering can stretch beyond your laundry room and into your closet as well. Once I decluttered our closets and we all have fewer clothes, there is less laundry to do.


Less laundry means less mess, which means fewer things to organize.


#2 Have A Laundry Routine


Having a laundry routine is second on the list of laundry room organization ideas because any organization system will fail without a routine.


Your laundry room will not be organized if you don’t have a system that helps you stay on top of your laundry.


Your system doesn’t have to look like mine, but you need one, and you need to make it a routine.


I personally try to do one load of laundry a day. This is part of my daily cleaning routine. This keeps the loads small, which makes them easier to manage.


Some days there really isn’t much to do, so I skip a day.


If laundry every day isn’t your thing, then do it every Sunday and stick with it. Don’t skip a Sunday. If you know you won’t have time on Sunday then get it done on Saturday.


Having this routine will help keep many parts of your home organized. Not just the laundry room.


Part 2 – Laundry Room Organization Ideas – Tools and Storage Ideas


#3 Take Advantage of Unused Space


Laundry rooms are never very large. That is why finding ways to use up every inch of space can be very helpful. One of my favorite space saving ideas is this space-saving storage cart.


It can easily fit between your washer and dryer. It gives you a place to put your laundry soap and household cleaners.


This is a great solution if you don’t have room for any shelves.


#4 Hang Up Your Brooms and Other Cleaning Supplies


Instead of laying your brooms against the wall, hang them up nicely on the wall behind the laundry door.


I use this mop and broom holder and it’s made such a difference in the way I organize my cleaning tools. They are always up and out of the way.



#5 Hang Up Extra Clothes Without Taking Up Extra Space


If you need room to hang up extra clothes, but don’t have a lot of extra space, this swinging wall mount will be perfect for you.


I often need a place to hang a few shirts to let them dry or let the wrinkles drop out.


These swinging wall mounts work great because they get the job done and take up no room at all.


#6 Have An Ironing Station


Don’t be like me and have your ironing board in the coat closet and the iron in the linen closet. Let’s just say my ironing habits are not very good.


Making an ironing station is a great idea and is something I really should look into.


This ironing board hanger with storage basket looks like it would definitely fit my needs.



#7 Build Your Own Shelves


When it comes down to it, no two laundry rooms are the same. You may have a custom built laundry room on the main floor of your house, or you may have a laundry space in your unfinished basement.


This is why building your own custom shelves for your laundry room is a great idea.


My husband built us a custom shelf next to our laundry area and it has made a huge difference in my laundry organization.


Here are some cool and easy DIY shelves. These DIY shelves might even give you some more laundry room shelving ideas.

#8 Laundry Room Organizer Shelves

For those of you who don’t want to build your own shelves, you can find plenty of shelves that are easy to put together.


This expandable laundry room organizer has great shelves and a rod for hanging clothes.


#9 Install Cabinets Above the Washer and Dryer


If you need something that conceals better than shelves you can install cabinets.


These cabinets or your own custom cabinets would be a great addition to any laundry room.


laundry room organization ideas

#10 Pretty Storage


I’m not sure what it is about a clear glass jar but it steps up the look in any room.


I keep all of my laundry pods in a clear jar just like this and it makes my space cuter and more enjoyable to be in.



#11 Hang Milk Crates on the Wall for Customizable Storage


I’ve always liked the look of milk crates and the fact that you can paint them to go with any space in your home. I use mine to organize our gaming system and I think they would look great in the laundry room as well.


Paint these milk crates your favorite color. The use them to organize your laundry room in a number of ways.


milk crates for laundry storage


I saw this adorable idea on BlogLovin and just had to share. It’s one of my all-time favorite laundry room organization ideas.


I love the painted milk crate and that it’s hung up on the wall so that you can use it as a shelf. Such a creative idea.


Tutorial: Wood crate ironing station I may not ever use my iron in my laundry room, but I’m always using it in my sewing room. Here’s a smart idea from Craftaholics Anonymous for storing your iron and


#12 Have a Set of Three Baskets For Easy Sorting


I have three baskets set up in my laundry area for easy sorting. With the baskets already set up, it makes it easier to stick with a sorting system.


I thought this set of 3 wicker baskets form Wayfair would be perfect for the job.


Nature Seagrass 3 Piece Wicker Storage Basket Set

#13 Or Sort On The Go


With this on the go laundry hamper you can go from room to room and get all of the laundry sorted before you are even in the laundry room.



#14 Step It Up With Some Accent Rugs


I don’t really have a laundry room and everything is sitting on the cold basement floor. I used some smaller accent rugs to warm the space up and make it more inviting.


Since adding the rugs in front of the washer and dryer, it feels more like I am in an actual laundry room.


#15 Add Motivation With Some Cute Decor


Along with accent rugs and pretty glass jars, you can add some cute decor to make your laundry room a happier place.


The more you like a space, the more you will want to spend time in that space. Or at the very least, you won’t avoid the space.


If I ever have drywall in my laundry room ( and not cement walls) I’ll hang up a cute rustic sign like this one.

tin laundry sign

Happy Laundry Day!

I hope at least one of these laundry room organization ideas helps you get into your laundry room and put some systems into place. Remember you don’t ever have to buy fancy organization systems.


Declutter everything that isn’t necessary or isn’t your favorite. Then fill the space with things you love and enjoy… yes this even means your laundry room. 🙂


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15 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

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