21 Tips for Saving Money This Summer

Summertime is a time to kick back, relax, hang out with your kids, and enjoy the sunshine. It’s also a time for pools, the beach, barbeques, the movies, air conditioning, vacations, and so much more. This can all start to add up, and before you know it, you have blown your summer budget. Here are my best tips for saving money this summer while still having a blast.


Pick your favorite tips for saving money this summer or try them all!


Use essential oils to keep the bugs away. You can make your own bug spray with my recipe and use peppermint by the windows and doors to keep the pests out of the house. Use lavender for bug bites, sunburns, and other owies. And use citronella around the patio to drive the mosquitos away. You can use the oils for so much that they are worth the investment. They last practically forever, and are, overall, still cheaper than buying products from the drug store.


Unplug appliances when you aren’t using them. Appliances use up electricity even when they are off but still plugged in. Vacations are a perfect time to save some money by unplugging the television and other large appliances.


Keep blinds closed and lights off to help keep the house cool. The less the air conditioning runs, the more money you save.


Use cold water for showers and dishes. This will keep you cool and save you money. Hot water costs more money than cold water.


Tips for saving money this summer. #frugalsummer #moneysaving tips

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Cook with the oven only in the evening or morning when it has cooled off outside. This will help keep the house cool and the air conditioner from having to work so hard.


Use the grill instead of the oven. Meal prep and grill a bunch of extra meat and veggies for the week altogether. This will save on the cost of gas for the grill. Plus, using the gas grill is cheaper than using the electric oven. This also keeps the house cooler.


Shop garage sales and thrift stores for summer clothes, shoes, and toys.


Use a kiddie pool or water table instead of constant trips to the public or neighborhood pool.


Make your own popsicles by blending fresh fruit, coconut milk, honey, and freezing it in popsicle molds.


Take the kids to the library for free fun. There is so much more than books available for the kids at the library. Plus, it’s air-conditioned!


Look at the library schedule to see when they are having free kids activities.


Stock up at a local farmers market and use these bags to help keep the produce fresher for longer.


tips for saving money this summer

These tips for saving money this summer just keep on getting better.


Go to local free concerts and festivals instead of the movies.


Declutter your house and have a yard sale. You can read some helpful tips about decluttering, here on my blog. Start here.


Get a clothesline and line dry your clothes.


Take a day trip to a local beach (even if it’s at a lake).


Go berry picking and stock up on berries for pies and jams.


Cancel your cable for the summer. You might find you don’t even want it when fall comes back around.


Have the kids make bird feeders and spend time watching the birds.


Walk or ride a bike whenever you can.


Use a filter and fill up a pitcher with water to keep in the refrigerator, instead of buying water bottles.


Keep things simple. Enjoy the sunshine, drink some sun tea on the porch, and enjoy a slower paced summer. 


This is a lot of tips for saving money this summer. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the list. Just try adding a few to your summer and you’ll see the money saving benefits.

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money saving tips for summer #frugalivingtips #savingmoneyideas

Tips for saving money this summer. #moneysavingtips #frugallivingideas

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