DIY Dollar Tree Baskets and Shelf Organization

I love using baskets to help me keep things organized. I am a big believer in doing your best to not have extra clutter in the house, but sometimes it happens and the best way to hide it is with a cute basket. Specifically, DIY Dollar Tree baskets.


I recently needed some way to organize/hide some supplies that we keep in our dining room. It is not a high traffic area, so I didn’t need the baskets to be super fancy. Plus, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on some new baskets. Why are baskets so expensive?


I decided to see what I could do with some supplies from the Dollar Tree. I was able to make these DIY Dollar Tree baskets for only 2 dollars each!


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DIY Dollar Tree Baskets | Dollar Tree Organization Idea #diybaskets #dollartreediy

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Materials Needed for Your DIY Dollar Tree Baskets


Any basket from the Dollar Tree


Pillowcases from the Dollar Tree


Glue gun with glue 




How to Make the DIY Dollar Tree Baskets 


I have a detailed video tutorial below. I suggest watching that as well as reading these instructions.


Start by flipping the pillowcase inside out and then use the scissors to trim off one end. Trim the pillowcase so that it fits nicely inside the basket. There is really no need to be exact about this, no one will be looking inside the basket.


Once you have the pillowcase trimmed, you will place the pillowcase inside the basket, making sure that the hemmed part is towards the top. You will flip the hem so that it hangs over the edge of the basket.


Next, glue the hem of the pillowcase to the outside of the basket. I did this so that an inch of the fabric was on the outside of the basket. Glue the fabric down all the way around the basket.


DIY Dollar Tree Baskets | Dollar Tree Organization Idea #diybaskets #dollartreediy


If there is any leftover you can just pull it tight, fold it, and then glue that fold down. Seriously, watch the video. It will be so much easier to understand.


Once you have the fabric secured to the outside you can pull it tight on the inside of the basket and secure it down. This does not have to be perfect.


Now you have yourself a super cute basket that was super cheap You can use these to store card games, gardening supplies, kid’s toys, pretty much anything, for only 2 dollars.


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